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Apr. 17, 2013

SIMposium 2013: General Session announcement
Retired Commander Kirk Lippold, USN will speak on Leadership & Accountability When It Matters in the upcoming General Session. Lippold was the commanding officer of the USS Cole when it came under a suicide terrorist attack by al-Qaida in the port of Aden, Yemen. During his command, he and his crew distinguished themselves by saving the American war ship from sinking. Don't miss out on the opportunity to hear Commander Lippold speak on Veteran's Day! Be sure to bookmark and check back often as program updates are announced! SIM member can currently save up to $100 off the full conference rate so register now! Click here for more information and to register. More

An opportunity for the CIO
VideoBriefNot to dismiss their importance, but CIOs usually play limited roles. They quarterback their companies' use of technology and flow of information. While this affects many of their firm's big decisions, CIOs have little direct say on strategy. This often keeps them pigeonholed. They lack the broader experience needed for COO and CEO jobs, but are not able to gather this experience because they are not asked to do more.More

The year of the real-time enterprise
CIO Insight
Powerful forces are exerting pressure on CIOs and IT departments today. Companies are competing in markets where structural constraints, such as cost of entry and geography, are greatly diminished. Success is dependent upon a company's ability to continually differentiate its products and services against increasingly agile global competitors. A new breed of disruptive technologies — in-memory databases, mobile devices, cloud computing and social media — create possibilities that didn’t exist before. And for the first time, business is looking to IT to drive the transformation agenda, not simply implement it.More

When it comes to IT hires, you get what you pay for
Does this sound familiar? You apply for a job, only to learn you're overqualified for the position. In the current economic climate, it's not so unusual to hear this refrain. On the other end of the scale, you sometimes scratch your head wondering how some people get hired at all, considering their lack of skills and experience. More

CIOs sound off on a role in flux
The CIO's job today isn't an easy one, with the changing role requiring new skills on top of old ones. But the silver lining is that the CIO has never been more relevant, say CIOs speaking recently on a panel held at identity management vendor Okta's San Francisco headquarters. "You need anthropological skills," says Ralph Loura, vice president and CIO at The Clorox Company. "My marketing IT team comes out of the Jane Goodall school. They go out and observe marketing in the wild, understand what they're really trying to accomplish, and then come back with ideas on how to help." More

Spires situation raises questions, concerns about CIO authority
Department of Homeland Security CIO Richard Spires has not publicly discussed his leave since it was first reported on April 1, and neither have other DHS officials. The rest of the federal IT community, however, is talking plenty — and voicing concerns about what it might mean for CIOs' authority. More

Meeting effectiveness: Do we need a meeting?
By C. Fredrick Crum
Meetings are the most misused tool in a leader's communications toolkit. In most instances, meetings are used by executive leadership as a first response to most situations unnecessarily. X has just happened so we need to call a meeting, or we need to meet to talk about Y. If leaders took the time to peruse their communications toolkits they would discover they have a number of tools that would be much more effective than having a meeting.More

Have you really started a mobile strategy?
You probably have an app. We have an app. But do you really have a mobile strategy for how those apps fit into your business model? Is there a plan for keeping the creative energy focused on your apps so customers drool instead of mock? How are you building the in-house skills and collaboration to meet expectations that get higher with every smartphone and mobile game that's launched? Are you giving employees mobile capabilities that make them anywhere near as efficient running their business lives as their personal lives?More

10 essential leadership qualities of a CIO
CIO Insight
True leaders are always looking for ways to improve, whether they're employees or middle managers or CEOs. Of course, that includes CIOs. So consider the following as a list of skills and qualities that you always want to work on. They include developing the capacity to think in terms of big picture planning and execution, while never losing control of essential, day-to-day IT tasks. They also involve a number of personal traits that will help you build trust companywide. More

5 things leaders are thinking, but not talking about
It's amazing just how many leaders don't act like leaders. They define themselves more by their job title and job description, rather than the required courage, resiliency and determination to continually renew and reinvent themselves — while at the same time having their team's best interests at heart. Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint. Leaders must remain focused on those things that impact their ability to lead most efficiently and effectively. More

10 hot social media startups to watch
Social media startups aren't typically as well-funded as cloud or mobile startups, but they can have just as much impact and potential in how a business functions and succeeds. After evaluating more than 40 social media startups and then turning to crowdsourcing for input, here are the 10 hot social media startups to watch.More