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Apr. 30, 2014

SIM Advanced Practices Council: How to reduce costs while staying agile
CIO Insight
One way in which multinational companies successfully compete in today's ultra-competitive global marketplace is by reducing costs through economies of scale and scope. However, accomplishing this goal isn't easy, and some companies never succeed. Standardizing and rationalizing systems, processes and data require collaboration and compromise across both business units and geographic locations. Even when senior management exerts sufficient pressure, significant disruptions and uncertainties often ensue. In successful cases, companies gain global efficiencies, but they often do so at the cost of local flexibility, which is essential for competing globally.More

4 strategies to help CIOs prepare for cyberattacks
Cyberattacks threaten all of us. White House officials confirmed in March that federal agents told more than 3,000 U.S. companies that their IT deployments had been hacked, according to The Washington Post. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that the Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into the constant threats of cyberattacks against stock exchanges, brokerages and other Wall Street firms.More

5-step plan for new target CIO
It's armchair quarterback time. Target has hired a new CIO to replace Beth Jacobs, who resigned in March following a massive security breach at the big-box retailer. Since everyone was second guessing Jacobs during her final days, it's fitting that the mob has its say now.More

Bill to mandate phone kill-switches dies, but industry rallies anyway
Efforts to make mobile device kill switches mandatory in California have failed — for now. But mobile phone-makers and mobile service providers have voluntarily agreed to add optional kill switch features to smartphones manufactured after July 2015.More

Guess what? CIOs are back — if they were ever really gone
With all the talk of chief marketing officers taking over IT budgets, it's interesting to see a countervailing argument. Case in point: Clorox CIO Ralph Loura was promoted to senior vice president and ensconced on the company's executive committee, according to The Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal.More

Consumer-facing CIOs focus on 'technology-enabled customer strategy'
Chief information officers of retail and consumer brands are getting increasingly proactive, with IT service management acting as an enabler, according to industry heads. Speaking at a ServiceNow panel of CIOs in San Francisco, Barry Libenson, CIO of US supermarket chain Safeway said: "As recently as 10 years ago, the role of a CIO was just to keep the lights on; but not anymore. In the retail space, our job these days is to figure out how to help our company compete more aggressively in a tough market."More

5 ways CIOs can drive digital business transformation
The Huffington Post
Vala Afshar, chief marketing officer of Extreme Networks writes: "I recently had the wonderful opportunity to conduct a special edition of CxOTalk live in New York City at the CIO Perspectives conference presented by CIO Magazine. Our special guest, Brandon Berger is the Chief Digital Officer at Ogilvy & Mather, the largest Marketing Communications firm with 22,000 employees in over 500 offices in 126 countries."More

Why CIOs, CEOs must work together to drive innovation
The Wall Street Journal
Mike Capone, CIO of payroll processor Automatic Payroll Processing Inc., says CIOs must report to and work with their CEOs to drive innovation that delivers strategic value. CIOs who see themselves as cost centers, measuring their value by the size of their budget, or how many PCs and servers they manage, are "already dead," but "just don't know it yet."More

Illustrated guide to Microsoft's defense on latest Internet Explorer security flaw
Microsoft has released a new advisory about the "zero day" security flaw affecting Internet Explorer. The advisory says that the risk affects all versions since 6, up to the most recent.More

CIOs who don't do as this infographic suggests are probably jobless
ITWorld Canada
"Thanks, IT! Customers are loving the app." "Great job, IT. Customers have never been happier." "We couldn't have done it without you." If these quotes sound like fiction, they probably are. They are in the bottom-left quadrant of an infographic recently published by Red Hat in association with Harvard Business Review that looks at what the CIOs are doing in innovative companies that make them successful. More

Waiting in the wings, the next generation of wireless technology
Ted Rappaport gives off the energy of a man who likes to bend his efforts toward a technical problem that others have said can't be solved. Rappaport is in charge of NYU WIRELESS, a New York University research program that has enlisted researchers to work on the next generation of wireless technology. When CNNMoney visits, he tells a story of how he traveled to the densest metropolitan area in the U.S. to send and receive millimeter wave radio signals over various distances. His goal? To demonstrate that a commercially viable expansion of spectrum for cellular and Wi-Fi could physically be done.More

CIOs face BYOD hard reality: Employees don't care
Chief information officers fret about corporate data security on BYOD, but do employees care? A good number of them — 15 percent — believe they have no to minimal responsibility to protect data stored on their personal devices, according to a recent survey from Centrify, an identity management software provider.More