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May. 20, 2015

SIMposium 2015

Registration rates for SIMposium 2015 taking place Nov. 1-3 in Charlotte, North Carolina, go up June 1. Register today to take advantage of discounted pricing. We asked some of our repeat attendees why they attend this event year after year. Click here for some of their responses and more information. More

How does a CIO new to an organization set about making a difference?
Mark Bramwell has recently taken on the role of CIO at the Said Business School, part of the University of Oxford. "The institution has huge growth aspirations and wants to be a top 10 business school globally. IT and digital enablement will be crucial in helping support that transition," he says. He's joining the business school after eight and a half years at the charitable foundation Wellcome Trust, and is eager for a new challenge: "I'm moving from one worldwide brand to another," he says. Bramwell explains to ZDNet how he will support the technology and the business to achieve the Said school's growth aspirations.More

Health care CIO star John Halamka slams meaningful use
Meaningful use: a chaotic hodgepodge of misguided, if well-meaning, regulations. Health IT budgets? Laughably small, but if you're a health care CIO, make sure your hospital directors approve funding for new health data staff and security. Don't depend on EHR vendors for everything. Buy or build your own apps and layer them above your EHR. Provocative statements and all, but it was just a normal day on the speaking circuit for John Halamka, M.D., CIO of Boston's Beth Israel Medical Center and a health IT thought leader known for his outspokenness and innovative flair.More

CIO-CDO dual role reinforces the digital commitment
In 2012, Dave Truzinski was named CIO of NII Holdings, which provides wireless service to Latin America. In 2013, he was given the additional title of chief digital officer. Hiring CDOs from the outside is risky business. Do they have the experience of leading technology programs to adoption? Are they fully cognizant that pretty front-ends need to connect to messy back-ends? CIOs would be much better off positioning themselves as their company's digital leader than have their CEO give that role to someone else.More

Employees still visit dangerous sites at work, despite awareness of risk
Despite being "fully aware" of risks, many employees continue to visit inapproprieate websites while at work, according to a new study. This information comes courtesy of Blue Coat, which published a study conducted by market researchers Vanson Bourne about the global trend of employees engaging in risky Web behavior at work. More

How to surround yourself with the right talent
By Betty Boyd
Maintaining the level of talent in an organization is a continuous battle. How do you keep and attract the right kind of talent? Surrounding yourself with talented employees takes commitment, understanding and time. No organization can grow without stepping up and being aware of what potential is available. You can start by looking around and seeing what is already right in front of you. Here are some tips that will help.More