SIM Connect
Jul. 2, 2014

SIM Annual Report
The Society for Information Management's 2013 Annual Report is now available to members via This report includes a year-end snapshot of SIM's major accomplishments, organizational structure, core programs, and the exciting new direction we'll be moving in in the coming year.More

CIOs, IT hiring managers optimistic, but challenges remain
A majority of CIOs and IT managers plan to hire tech pros in the second half of 2014, according to two recent industry surveys — but salary pressures and high turnover rates still present tech workforce challenges.More

Cybersecurity takes its cut of spending
The Wall Street Journal
Subtle shifts in IT spending show companies are dedicating an increasing proportion of their technology budgets to cybersecurity and are also spending on different kinds of cybersecurity products and services. Greater boardroom and C-suite awareness of cyber threats is driving some of this spending, and so are the hopes placed in CIOs that they will help drive revenue growth. More

Food for thought: CIOs as venture capitalists
At the 2013 ACT-IAC Executive Leadership Conference, federal CIO Steven VanRoekel told the room full of agency CIOs and other IT leaders that he wanted them to be bolder and more strategic. "I want the CIO at FAA to wake up and go to bed thinking about flight safety and not wondering about email or where am I with commodity contracts," VanRoekel said. More

What an empowered CIO can bring to the cloud-savings table
At its best, cloud computing offers agencies a cheaper, more efficient, faster, more secure way to administer the information technology systems they're already running. Whether it actually works out that way often hinges on who's in charge, how much authority they have and the breadth of their perspective, industry executives say.More

The CMO and CIO, like water and oil?
The Wall Street Journal
As the media marketplace evolves and new technologies play a bigger role, it's becoming clear that chief marketing officers and chief information officers must work closely together. While many companies claim that their CMOs and CIOs are already working in tandem, a recent survey found there is still plenty of friction in the relationship.More

CIOs will find that the most valuable data comes from outside
Companies are awash in data. CIOs have done a great job of building a hardware and software infrastructure that produces data on just about every part of operations. But today this is merely table stakes. Just like we expect 100 percent IT uptime, today we also expect to never be without real-time information on our operations.More

Why it's critical for the CMO and the CIO to get along
Like most senior executives in an organization, the roles of the CMO and CIO have been evolving over the years. To a large extent, this is due to market and technology variations that are driving pervasive change. The volume and variety of data is increasing rapidly as businesses try and understand customer behavior throughout the lifecycle of the relationship. CMOs are using analytics to design customer-centric strategies, measure campaign performance and return on marketing investment, and identify gaps as well as opportunities.More

3 secrets to successful leadership
By Greg L. Alston
Good leadership is a curious thing. Lots of brilliant minds have tried to describe it, and lots of feeble minds have misunderstood it. The subject is made more difficult because people use words like charismatic, visionary and brilliant to describe some people who have been successful, while using words like autocratic, ruthless and stern to describe others with a history of success. Does personality define the leader, or is it something else? And how does someone travel from being inexperienced to becoming a good leader?More