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Jul. 9, 2014

SIM Regonal Leadership Forum: 10 summer must reads
for leaders

Summer is in full swing, and if you're looking for a good book to read, the Society for Information Management Regional Leadership Forum 2014 Book List is a great place to start. Participants in the leadership forum will read all 25 books on the list, but Cliff Higbee, facilitator for the Society for Information Management, narrowed the list down to 10 he recommends every leader should read this year.More

Is your CIO burning cash? Here are 5 ways to tell
Your CIO holds some of the longest levers when it comes to maximizing ROI. Whether it's doing more with less, or unlocking entirely new value chains, IT investment packs a lot of bang per buck — but only if spent wisely. According to analysts at Gartner, your CIO might not be pulling their weight when it comes to cost optimization — even if they're hitting budget-reduction targets.More

Microsoft cautions CIOs against windows support deadlines
The Wall Street Journal
With the sun setting on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows XP in April, CIOs have some new support deadlines to worry about, including for key products such as Windows 7, writes Mary Jo Foley for ZDNet.More

How the Target breach has affected small business data security
Small and medium-sized businesses may think they're immune to the kinds of attacks that wreaked havoc on Target last year, but they're susceptible to the same nefarious forces — sometimes even more so, as they can lead hackers to a bigger prize. Since the Target breach, other retailers have been affected, including Neiman Marcus, eBay and P.F. Chang's. But the Target breach was huge — information on 40 million credit and debit cards was stolen, along with records of 70 million customers, including name, address, email address and phone number.More

How cloud is creating demand for new IT skills
Business Cloud
Business are shifting away from being buyers to becoming subscribers of services, and the consumerization of IT means that the IT department is increasingly on its heels as it's asked to support an increasing number of systems and platforms, particularly mobile platforms.More

DOT CIO on cyber, shared services and 'technology that is changing constantly'
Department of Transportation CIO Richard McKinney thinks a lot about keeping his agency's technology current. DOT, after all, is one of the departments tasked with safeguarding the nation's infrastructure. So in his first year on the job, McKinney has made cybersecurity a priority, opened up massive amounts of data and named an agency chief data officer. More

The CMO and CIO: the new power partnership
Fashion styles come and go, car models get outdated, phones transform into computers. The bottom line: Things change over time. This old truism applies to what's happening in the executive suite today. The heightened focus on connecting with customers digitally is bringing marketing and tech together, requiring new skills and setting new expectations on both sidesMore

Making hard decisions: When leaders should say yes and no
By Scott Steinberg
Self-help gurus and motivational speakers worldwide will tell you that "yes" is an empowering word, and indeed it is. "Yes" opens doors and breaks down barriers. "Yes" gets people to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things that help open their minds to new philosophies and perspectives. But "no" is also a powerful word, and one that we all need to employ more in both our personal and professional lives. Here are a few reasons should you get to know it better.More

Making the jump to big league productivity
Does your organization have a group of power users who push their machines right to the limits of performance? If they're maxing out desktops with demanding computational requirements and graphics-intensive applications, chances are those users are working on important projects that have the potential to significantly impact your bottom line.More

How a CIO can have the CEO's ear
The Hindu Business Line
There are several business leaders today who get into an indecisive mode when they are not sure about their "gut feel" and end up not making any decision and staying with the status quo. This typically leads to a missed opportunity or decline in business. How often as a CIO would you say it is your responsibility to get answer to these questions? More

Cloud skills now a must for every CIO
Cloud computing is becoming a game changer for many organizations, and that means the IT manager of the future needs to be well-versed in all things cloud. That is the clear message from a recent article at Tech Page One, which examined current trends in IT, and what they mean to the skills required of IT leaders.More