SIM Connect
Jul. 23, 2014

IT Trends Study speaks for over 18 percent of US GDP!
An all-time record of 1,002 SIM members completed their 35th Anniversary IT Trends Study questionnaires (up from a record-breaking 655 last year). This year's response includes 717 unique organizations (up from 485 in 2013) and 451 CIOs (up from 285).

Putting this awesome response in perspective, the average revenue for the 554 organizations answering the question was $5.7 billion. Together, their total revenue of $3.1 trillion represents over 18 percent of the USA's estimated 2014 $17 trillion Gross Domestic Product! And that doesn't count the 163 organizations that did not answer the revenue question.

Thanks to the efforts of SIM member and chapter leaders, our sponsors (IDC, Infogix, Manager Mechanics, No Magic, Paladin, and Pariveda), the IT Trends Study team, and the great folks at SIM HQ (Amy, Butler, Heather, Mike, Veronica, and Vincenzo), we have achieved our goal of making this year's IT Trends Study the most representative Voice of IT Leadership ever.

We're analyzing the data now and plan to send personal benchmark reports to each participant in September. The comprehensive reports for all SIM members will be presented in November at SIMposium in Denver. We hope to see you there!

For more information about SIM's IT Trends Study please click here.More

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