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Jul. 30, 2014

SIM Leader of the Year Award: Nominations due soon!
SIM is a national organization, but our strength lies at the local level. Last year, we recognized six volunteers onstage at SIMposium with our annual Leader of the Year Award.

Our innovative chapters constantly find new ways to grow, engage and challenge their membership. By developing engaging programs, driving successful fundraising events or directing outreach initiatives, your dedicated chapter leaders lead the charge in making SIM the most respected organization for IT leaders.

Before Aug. 15, nominate a local member who you best embodies the innovation, dedication and commitment that we pride ourselves on as an organization.

Read more and submit your nomination at Leader of the Year Nominations. More

Forrester: CIOs still lack respect from executive peers
The Wall Street Journal
CIOs are still fighting the perception that they are IT gatekeepers managing costs rather than digital innovators directing technology efforts that help companies acquire customers, according to an executive survey from Forrester Research Inc. Sales executives, in particular, give CIOs low marks, with three quarters of the respondents expressing doubt in their ability to boost revenue. But if there's a bright side to such low expectations, says Forrester, it is that those CIOs that best differentiate themselves by implementing new business-driving technologies and processes stand to succeed.More

Secrets to CIO longevity
Does it ever seem like the position of CIO is just part of a big game of musical chairs? One day, somebody's in, his vision and experience heralded. The next day, he's out, "pursuing other projects." The game is especially insidious because the stakes are high in IT — system deployments tend to be in place for a long time and, as one recruiter noted, it takes a while to change a ship's course.More

Tech skills just the start for today's CIOs
The Globe and Mail
Once relegated to a back-end role in the office, chief information officers are now increasingly at the forefront of helping to shape company strategy. According to DNA of a CIO, a recent report by recruiting firm Hays Specialist Recruitment Canada, technical skills are no longer king when it comes to the most senior tech position in management. Instead, having a grasp of the company's vision is the real defining character of success.More

Is the CDO a real threat to the CIO's role?
CIO Insight
Cool stuff, and a far cry from the typically downtrodden articles so often directed at the CIO! No wonder many IT leaders want to take advantage of this attractive new option. The title of CIO seems to carry so much baggage compared with the promising, new title of CDO. But before you jump on the CDO bandwagon, remember another popular title replacement for the CIO from the recent past: the chief innovation officer. More

How your terrible boss can make you a great manager
You can learn quite a bit from so-called negative mentors; the misguided, wrongheaded, or simply evil bosses. Many of us can point to former bosses and corporate heads who inspired us to become more well-read, better at communication, or more engaged because of their shining examples. But what about those leaders who shaped our behavior and management style because of the negative example they have set?More

How to repair broken relationships with co-workers
Bad relationships are bound to happen from time to time. In the workplace, they are typically based on fear and insecurity. However, you can repair them with a little work. Here are three things you do always, sometimes and never do. Always remember that bad behavior comes from fear or insecurity. We're all worried that other people won't like us or are out to get us, and we're all afraid that bad things will unexpectedly come our way. The best human relationships eliminate these two fears. A good coworker is someone who you know will not purposefully do things that damage you and will act in ways that you can predict. We call this "trust" in our personal lives. So build trust by showing that you won't purposefully hurt others, even when you feel bumped or bruised. Make sure your actions appear understandable and predictable. More

Cloud wars, CIOs and dollar signs: What the Amazon quarterly report means for your cloud budget
The cloud wars are heating up, especially now that Amazon has lost some of its market hold to competitors Microsoft, Google and a host of startup companies. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that the tech giant saw a 22 percent drop in its revenue growth from last quarter. But according to the newspaper, there is a bright side to this dip — at least if you're a CIO.More

CIOs, companies sharpen skills for 'Internet of Things' future
The Wall Street Journal
Wearable devices and the Internet of Things will provide a number of opportunities for established technology companies and startups as well as those CIOs who will help implement the technology at their businesses. But as firms large and small wade into the uncertain world of "smart" things, the return on investment is far from clear.More

Business leaders who think strategically about IT infrastructure drive results
As a result of the confluence of disruptors such as cloud technology, mobile, social media and big data and analytics, organizations today are rethinking their IT infrastructure from the ground up — and it's not just IT architects and data center leaders involved. Business leaders across the C-suite are looking to IT infrastructure as fundamental to driving competitive advantage and helping them optimize revenue and profit, and they are paying close attention, according to a new study by the IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics. In the study, 40 percent of companies indicated that non-IT functions will be involved in making infrastructure decisions in areas such as end-user devices, security and cloud computing.More