SIM Connect
Aug. 27, 2014

Early results are in for SIM's 2015 IT Trends Study
The final results are being calculated for SIM's 2015 IT Trends Study, with our full report being slated for release at SIMposium in November. This year's 35th anniversary study is the most comprehensive to date, featuring respondents from 717 organizations representing nearly 25 percent of U.S. GDP, a strong indicator of the quality of leadership and experience within the SIM ranks.

This year's study reveals an increasing pace and volume of change in the IT industry. Some early standout finding:

  • IT leaders are shifting their focus away from tactical and operational issues and more towards strategic, business-oriented goals.
  • Nearly 17 percent of all IT services and solutions are being delivered via public-external clouds, up from 14.4 percent last year. This is expected to rise further in 2015.
  • IT spending and salaries increased again in 2014, and CIOs expect they will in 2015 too, but the pace may be slowing.

    The full 2015 IT Trends Study report will reveal much more about these and other important shifts.

    For the first time ever, all of the 1002 SIM members who participated in the study will also receive a free personalized version of the report in late September. This comparative report would cost thousands of dollars to produce through a private firm. Be on the lookout for this complimentary "thank you" as a token of our appreciation for making this year's IT Trends Study the best ever! More

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