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Sep. 25, 2013

SIM Members In Transition program
The Members In Transition program was developed to assist SIM members who are in transition or looking to make a career change, by providing a forum to share leads, connections, opportunities and advice. We encourage all members to join, whether you are looking for a change or just want to help fellow members in need. Start expanding your network today! Visit or contact Veronica Sullivan for more information.More

Gmail outage: CIOs must be prepared for the unexpected
Computer Weekly
The recent outage of Google's Gmail service shows that even class-leading cloud services can and will fail. How can IT departments build in resilience to cloud computing failures? Google has been winning business over Microsoft by targeting the huge costs associated with running on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers. More

The CIO of Cox Communications' 5 steps to success in the 1st 100 days
When Kevin Hart joined Cox Communications as its CTO in April 2011, he had the ideal profile for an IT executive. He earned an undergraduate degree in engineering, and later got an MBA. He spent considerable time as a consultant, solving problems for a wide array of businesses and executives, and then was a CIO multiple times over at companies like Clearwire Corporation and Level 3. The approach that Hart details herein is a recipe for success, and it is no wonder that he has achieved it in the two and a half years since he started.More

Netbiscuits: CIOs, CMOs battle over mobile strategies
The CMO is focused on improving aspects of the customer experience, while the CIO is more aware of the challenges in delivering the CMO's requirements. There is a battle brewing in the C-suite over the way corporate mobile strategy gets decided, and chief marketing officers, chief information officers and other C-level executives are driven by conflicting motivations across the business, according to a survey sponsored by Netbiscuits and conducted by Vanson Bourne. More

CIOs share how they made the leap to CEO
At the helm of IT at Alcoa for three years — and as CIO of various divisions for 11 years before that — Horner led the $23.7 billion company to numerous honors, including two CIO 100 Awards. He ran IT like a business, showing the cost of the technology and services each internal group consumed. He met with key senior leaders to understand their needs. He did a two-and-a-half-year stint in Europe, gaining global experience. He sat on an outside board of directors.More

Does your company need a chief customer officer?
CIO Today
Chief customer officers can provide the authoritative view of the customer to help shape corporate strategy. If your business needs to drive more profitable customer behavior, the time could be right to create a customer-centric culture and jump on the CCO bandwagon, with a focus on the voice of the customer and creating a great customer experience.More

Future CIO: Embrace digital, become a business partner
For a role assigned with the vital task of deploying technology to drive business growth, the CIO gets surprisingly little respect. Mean-spirited monikers like "Chief Idiot Officer" and "Career Is Over" rear their ugly heads when CIOs linger too long as the manager of a cost center rather than a revenue producer. The CIO of 2013 should stand at the center of a digital disruption shift caused by social media and mobile tools, cloud services and data analytics, and he or she must shift with it to survive. More

Cloud computing's challenge to IT departments
Cloud Communications
The one constant in the evolution of technology is obsolescence. No matter how valuable something is, if it doesn't evolve with current technology and remain relevant it will have outlived its usefulness. The demise of the IT department in organizations has been predicted for some time now, and the drum beat is getting louder than ever as cloud technology proponents keep making a strong argument in its favor. More

1 big reason CMOs get no respect
It's old news that CEOs tend to have misgivings about their CMOs. One recent study, for example, showed 80 percent of CEOs didn't trust their CMO. That's a stunning number, and a scary one for marketers. And while a significant portion of that distrust might be attributed to poor communication of how marketing metrics produce business ROI, new data suggests that a large portion of CMOs deserve some of that mistrust.More

6 social media management tools ready for the enterprise
Social media is playing a growing role in corporate marketing campaigns. These six tools will help you launch, track and analyze campaigns across a variety of social media services — including some you might not expect.More

5 ways to improve your LinkedIn profile
By Mark Kats
When it comes to social media best practices, there are multiple platforms — and countless strategies and tactics — to consider. But before we get into the more advanced tips and tricks, let's make sure we have a few important basics covered. Here are the five things you should check out and potentially update on your LinkedIn profile.More