SIM Connect
Oct. 16, 2013

SIM IT Trends Survey sneak peek
SIM's annual IT Trends Survey, now in its 34th year, takes the pulse of the IT world by surveying top professionals across a wide range of industries. This year's survey, which collected responses from nearly 600 senior IT leaders, representing 484 organizations, revealed many signs that things are looking up in IT. "There's a sense of cautious optimism. IT leadership is generally positive," said Professor Leon Kappelman, the study's primary investigator. This year's study also examined IT organization structure, the use of cloud and shared services, as well as other important topics.

Hiring and salaries are both up, as are overall IT budgets, and 2013 IT spending as a percent of revenue is more than 25 percent above the 2005-2013 average. The survey took the pulse of senior IT leaders, including 285 CIOs, on issues such as how they spend time, their most important IT management concerns, and their organizations' largest technology investments. The full results of the survey will be released Nov. 11 at SIMposium in Boston. More

CIOs preparing US default scenarios
The Wall Street Journal
A good number of CIOs are helping their organizations game out the possible repercussions of a default on U.S. debt. Srikanth Velamakanni, chief executive of Fractal Analytics Inc., tells CIO Journal that while businesses can't act on contingencies for so-called Black Swan events until they actually have occurred, computer-aided simulations or theoretical models can help organizations prepare for and mitigate the effects of a default, which could impact everything from the cost of short-term loans to pricing power after the storm has broken.More

A CIO's perspective on why there aren't more women in IT
Financial Post
Over the last 10 years, the number of Information and Communications Technology professionals in Canada grew from 650,000 to 800,000. During this same period, the number of women in technology has hovered around 25 percent with little or no change, but Glenda Crisp is hoping to change that landscape. The senior vice president and chief information officer for TD Bank Group's corporate segment has been managing enterprise technology in the financial sector for more than 20 years, and now heads a team that's 40 percent female. More

Accenture: CIOs must embrace digital transformation
Many CIOs battle the need to ensure stable back office operations and their desire to create transformational impact that goes beyond IT. The challenge to become more than an internal infrastructure provider, focused primarily on technology deployment, is fundamental to any CIO who wants to participate strategically at an organizational level.More

Compliance: Getting your staff to do what you want them to do
By Harry J. Friedman
How many hours a week do you spend being your staff's compliance cop? Whether you are responsible for one employee or 100, noncompliance is often a supervisor's biggest nightmare. You wear enough hats as it is. Want to get rid of the cop's hat? Let's start by looking at some basic issues. Why is it so difficult to get your staff to comply — to follow rules, to do what they are told to do, to conform with policy? More

Beware IT's unintended consequences
Many information technologies have unintended consequences. Some call them features, alternate uses or hidden costs/benefits. Sometimes the technologies are best defined by these consequences, rather than by the original intentions. These consequences can be positive, negative or just surprising. They can be direct or indirect, latent or obvious, short or long term. More

CIOs push for patient ID progress
Healthcare IT News
The patient identification issue refuses to go away, mainly because nobody has quite figured out how to assure proper patient identity when engaging in health information exchange. At the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives Fall CIO Forum in Phoenix recently, some leading hospital CIOs emphasized the operational, clinical and financial importance of accurate patient matching.More

What 3 big Google updates mean for your SEO strategy
Recent changes to Google's search algorithm, its keyword planner tool and the availability of search query data may have you rethinking your SEO and online marketing strategies, but experts say it's best not to overthink things.More

Never hate your job again
We work in the most transformative profession of our day. Despite the deep dysfunction in most organizations, we have no business being disgruntled.More

9 steps to effective business emails
By Joe Latta
Email communication is a key part of nearly every project, client relationship and business development effort. In fact, according to a study by the Radicati Group, this year the average corporate employee will dedicate 28 percent of each workday to email, sending and receiving more than 115 messages. Unfortunately, all too often the email messages we create are structured and sent in ways that confuse co-workers, annoy clients and frustrate prospects. That's why we're discussing nine easy steps to make your emails simpler and more powerful.More