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Oct. 29, 2014

IT Trends Study: Most-used performance measures for CIOs and in-house IT
Ever wonder what the most important and widely used IT performance measures are for CIOs and in-housel IT? In this year's IT Trends Study, SIM members were provided a list of 33 metrics and asked to "select up to three... for internal IT, outsourced IT, and their own performance."

The results are quite revealing. The performance metrics for CIOs and internal IT have striking similarities, as well as differences. "User satisfaction," "value of IT to the business," and "availability (uptime)" are top five measures for both CIOs and in-house IT. Two of these three focus on business performance, providing evidence of IT becoming more focused on the business. A trend supported by many of this year's findings. More

IDC's 2015 CIO predictions: Demand for analytics continues to skyrocket
By 2017, 80 percent of the CIO's time will be focused on analytics, cybersecurity and creating new revenue streams through digital services. These and other insights were shared recently by IDC during the webinar, IDC FutureScape: CIO Agenda Leading the 3rd Platform business and technology transformation through 2015 and beyond. IDC sees the shift to a service paradigm in IT accelerating, along with a greater reliance on partners, clouds and global sourcing through 2017. Based on how often analytics was mentioned in the webinar, it's clear IDC is getting a large number of client queries in this topic area. Demand for analytics continues to skyrocket according to Joseph Pucciarelli, group vice president of IT Executive Programs Research.More

IT leaders losing control over enterprise data, study reveals
IT leaders have lost control over enterprise data, according to new research from the Ponemon Institute. In an email to FierceCIO, the research firm notes that "organizational leadership is failing to respond to the escalating risk of ungoverned file sharing practices among their employees, and that employees routinely breach IT policies and put company data at risk."More

CIOs: It's time to rewire talent, the most important network
The Wall Street Journal
The industrial era turned people into highly productive machine parts, and that sort of worked. Now, as post-industrial technologies such as mobile computing, the cloud and Big Data liberate information, companies need to liberate their people, too, management consultant Frank Wander said recently. The management approaches of the industrial era emphasized assembly lines at one extreme, and stark individualism at the other. In the post-industrial era, success will hinge upon successful teams, and that is particularly true in the realm of information technology, according to Wander.More

CIOs should focus on their workplace legacies
Business coach and psychologist Andrew Thorn wants leaders — both people in positions of authority and those who influence in their everyday roles — to think beyond business results to focus on the legacy they create. Thorn lays out his ideas in his new book, "Leading With Your Legacy in Mind: Building Lasting Value in Business and Life."More

CIO Vs. CMO: Can't we all just get along?
The CIO-CMO relationship is among the weakest in the C-suite, according to the PwC's Digital IQ survey. So how do we get these teams on the same digital page? PwC chief technologist Chris Curran says most CIOs want to take on more of a customer-facing role but might not have the expertise or corporate mandate to do so. In the meantime, CMOs have taken on more tech responsibilities, mostly because they perceive IT as too slow or lacking the requisite digital and user experience skills, Curran says.More

CIO survival skills for today's IT transformation
A recent study concluded that CIOs today are living in a period of unprecedented change and challenge. That doesn't make victory easy, when the goal line keeps moving on the field. To get a better sense of this transformation, FierceCIO spoke with Azmi Jafarey, CIO of software company Ipswitch, about how his role in IT has changed, what is driving the evolution and where he sees the greatest challenges ahead.More

Amazon hiring CIOs to 'shake hands with IT'
The Wall Street Journal Inc. is quietly hiring chief information officers to pitch prospective customers on the benefits of its cloud. The move signals Amazon's recognition that it needs to make peace with CIOs whose IT departments it disrupted, as well as those who require guidance shifting to the cloud, said an analyst. The CIO courtship comes as Amazon's public cloud faces stiffening completion from Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp. and EMC Corp., which are selling a hybrid version of the cloud that allows corporations to connect information and applications in their data center to the cloud-a setup some may find more favorable. More

Broward Health CIO: IT is the 'heartbeat of the enterprise'
Life as a hospital CIO is full of twists and turns, according to Broward Health CIO Doris Peek. Peek was named CIO at Broward — based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida — in 2006, and, as she tells Becker's Health IT and CIO Review in an interview, has seen many defining moments and changes in healthcare IT. IT, she says, is crucial to creating change in the healthcare industry; it drives innovation, is accountable for the adoption of new technologies and is "the heartbeat of the enterprise."More

6 digital marketing pros define programmatic advertising
Programmatic advertising is catching on like wildfire in the digital media space. With so much money at stake, CIOs and other business leaders need to understand the term. To help find common ground, we reached out to six marketing professionals for their definitions of programmatic advertising.More