SIM Connect
Nov. 6, 2013

Don't miss the IT Trends Report Session at SIMposium, Nov. 11!
Session at 4:40 p.m. Nov. 11
Nearly 600 IT leaders told us about their activities, practices, and the direction in which they see the IT industry moving. The SIM IT Trends Study at SIMposium includes a panel of CIOs and live audience polling so you can take part too. Find out:

  • How CIOs spend their time and what they think of their relationships with CIOs and CFOs
  • How aligned the priorities of IT leaders are with the priorities of their organizations
  • What percent of IT leaders saw increases in their budgets or staffs in 2013, or anticipate increases in 2014
  • How much of those IT budgets go to outsourcing, or offshore, or to people or things
  • The percent of organizations that use the cloud for IT services
  • More

    Bridging the disconnect between CIO and business leaders
    The Huffington Post
    The role of the CIO continues to evolve rapidly in the midst of digital transformation and accelerating changes in technology. Exponential growth of cloud services, ubiquitous mobility and the social business imperative are creating new innovation opportunities for businesses. In this turbulent environment, the CIO should be positioned as a hero to business, but is too often disconnected from the business side. More

    Challenges facing the CIO in 2014
    With factors like the cloud, BYOD, and big data making waves in a big way, the CIO needs to start reevaluating his or her role. What can you do to make yourself valuable in this changing environment? Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you step into 2014 and encounter some big changes.More

    CIOs talk mobile strategy
    Mobile Enterprise
    For CIOs supporting a mobile enterprise, 2013 has been busy — new OSes, new devices, new solutions — more complexity. Vendors started offering more features to help tackle BYOD issues and it was also the year of the tablet. The top CIOs featured in the 2013 issues review mobility in their enterprises over the last 11 months and project what's next.More

    Why responsive Web design is here to stay
    Most Web design trends are just that. But in an increasingly mobile world, with an increasingly diverse number of mobile devices, the principles of responsive Web design aren't going to go away. Here are three ways developers need to respond to the demands of responsive Web design. More

    Can your CIO deliver 10x efficiency?
    In a recent announcement, Cisco and NetApp say they're re-defining the future of the data center. Their vision is for a 10-times improvement in IT operational efficiency. Bold words. But we don't take hyperbole at face value here. So how do they plan to do that?More

    101 bad business buzzwords — and why you should avoid them
    By Joe Latta
    Today’s marketing and proposal materials are littered with important-sounding words that have no real value. Seamless, top-notch, world-class, laser-focused, and best of breed. We've all been guilty of using terms like these in place of meaningful descriptors. Unfortunately, buzzwords can seriously weaken your persuasive messaging and give an impression of insecurity. In fact, a 2010 study by researchers at New York University and the University of Basel found that readers are significantly more likely to think your statements are untruthful when written with abstract language, rather than with concrete terms and phrasing. Not good.More

    Cloud not meeting CIO expectations and SaaS still dominates take-up
    Computer Weekly
    Software as a Service is dominating cloud adoption as CIOs fail to meet their expectations regarding cloud computing services. According to a survey by sourcing consultancy Alsbridge, 90 percent of CIOs are using cloud services, but this is largely one flavor. SaaS dominates, with 70 percent of CIOs using it, compared to 32 percent using Platform as a Service, 20 percent using Infrastructure as a Service and just 14 percent adopting cloud based storage.More

    CMOs must expand their tech skills in the digital marketing era
    As CMOs take on a more strategic role in the C-suite, they will need to broaden their technical skills and expertise to understand big data analytics, customer online experience, social media and more.More

    Employee wellness programs boost employee satisfaction and productivity
    By Joy Burgess
    Many companies have been turning to employee wellness programs to help reduce employee healthcare costs. In fact, statistics from the American Institute for Preventive Medicine show that 91 percent of organizations now offer some type of wellness program, a percentage that has risen substantially in the last decade. Corporate wellness programs have soared in popularity due to their ability to fight high insurance premiums and skyrocketing medical costs, but statistics also show that these programs go beyond healthcare savings.More