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Nov. 12, 2014

APC reports available to SIM members
Are you aware of the research reports sponsored by SIM's Advanced Practices Council that are available for download from the SIM online store? As a SIM member benefit the following reports are to you at no charge:

  • Creating Capital Out of Chaos: A Social Media Guide
  • Anchored Agility: How to Effectively Manage the Balance between Local Flexibility and Global Efficiency
  • Harvesting External Data Streams: The Potential of Digital Data Stream
  • Delivering Effective Enterprise Architecture at Chubb Insurance
  • How Do CIOs Measure and Communicate IT Performance?
  • Wisdom of Clouds

    To learn more about the APC, please contact SIM Program Manager, Vincenzo Nelli. More

    CIO succession is a double-edge sword
    Succeeding an award-winning, long-tenured CIO is a double edged sword. Chances are good that the successor will inherit well run operations and a strong team, and get right to the innovation and high value work. But at the same time, it can be tough for the successor of a beloved CIO to chart his or her own path. Such are the challenges confronting two new CIOs, hired as a result of two major CIO retirements, announced this month. More

    How can mature businesses adapt to change? (Hint: Ask your CIO)
    In an age when change is rapidly accelerating, companies need to be agile and innovative. They need to think on their feet, to keep up with changes in technology and the hyper-competitive marketplace. But how can a mature, stable business compete in this dizzying atmosphere? More

    The secrets of CIO longevity, part 1
    Talkin Cloud
    The value of a CIO is undisputed: maintaining critical systems, ensuring IT staff have access to the necessary resources, and designing cybersecurity measures is no easy job description. Problematically, the average CIO remains in their position for only about five years, according to the Society for Information Management. This revolving door of CIOs is detrimental to organizational productivity and innovation and can hinder long-term IT projects before they have time to get off the ground.More

    The future role of the CIO
    The Enterprisers Project
    The transition from all-inclusive glass house IT infrastructure to externally housed use of services is accelerating. CIOs are riding this wave of change in their efforts to deliver competitive advantages to their enterprises. Chris Smith, CMO of Zenoss, sees this change in progress and advises CIOs to prepare.More

    Universities can't train data scientists fast enough for CIOs
    The Wall Street Journal
    Chief information officers are struggling to find data scientists, those individuals with engineering and business skills, as well at the statistical savviness required to analyze and derive value from Big Data companies generate. Academic leaders are endeavoring to produce more data scientists by offering school programs that teach several disciplines, and encourage students to think more broadly about the technical and business levers they must pull to achieve desired outcomes.More

    CIO career strategy: Managing for success
    IT World Canada
    Well you finally made it. After much hard work and personal sacrifices you are now a CIO. Congratulations and good luck! How long will the position last? Well, no one really knows, but it will for sure come to an end at some point. The only question is how it will come to an end and whether it will be your choice or somebody else. Regardless, all CIOs need to have a career strategy and be prepared to manage their career for the long term. So how do you do that? More

    The CMO/CIO bond: Relationship of the future
    Marketing Daily
    With the average CMO expected to hang onto his or her job for 60 months, a new report from Forrester Research is predicting they’ll find a new power source: The Chief Information Officer. In fact, it may be the single best way to switch to a fully customer-centric approach required to win in the years ahead. "The CMO role has yet to emerge fully from its historical communications, promotion, and lead management functions," writes Sheryl Pattek, the lead author in Forrester's "CMOs Boldly Reach For More Influence in the Enterprise."More

    Apple pay has retail CIOs rethinking how customers pay
    When Smoothie King decided to change its point of sale system, the company didn't just make alterations to what was currently in more than 600 stores. It scrapped the whole thing. "As far as our guests are concerned, it's really about what's happening when they visit a story and what's happening on their tablet or their phone," says John Lapeyrouse, Smoothie King CIO. "The opportunity to replace point of sale systems doesn't come along very often."More