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Nov. 20, 2013

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    This list explains what's really bothering your CIO right now
    CIOs have got plenty of plates to spin, whether that's worrying about life, death and reincarnation; pondering whether their boss thinks they're still up to the job; and keeping up with incessant technology change. Here's the list of top headaches for CIOs.More

    Wal-Mart CIO's advice for women in IT
    Karenann Terrell has a passion for developing female IT leaders and encouraging young women to study science and math. As executive vice president and CIO for Wal-Mart, she speaks to this topic from a high-profile position, but with a level of candor and practicality that's unusual among C-suite executives, male or female. More

    How to become a customer-facing CIO
    Your title alone isn't enough to be successful in customer conversations. You must fully understand your company's products and services, and make sure you have something to contribute. As a CIO, you're likely working within the confines, and you might even say restrictions, of the internal role of the traditional CIO: developing technology strategy and IT initiatives for your own company. Sometimes it's administrative, sometimes cost containment, sometimes infrastructure, but it's always within the context of employee-facing challenges. This is especially true in the business-to-business arena.More

    How SaaS is changing the CFO-CIO dynamic
    Much has been made of the transformational ability of SaaS, or cloud-based software, in its ability to shift CIOs' roles from focusing on IT infrastructure to higher value tasks such as innovation, business transformation and enablement. Less well known is the fact that SaaS is equally transformative for another key C-level role: the chief financial officer, or CFO.More

    Digital transformation creates CIO opportunities
    CIO Insight
    Most CIOs realize to one degree or another that business as we know it is being transformed by an array of digital technologies. What no one can seem to agree on is at what pace that transformation is occurring. In fact, a new survey of 1,500 executives conducted by MIT Sloan Review and Capgemini finds sharply divergent views concerning the rate of transformation between senior managers and the rank-and-file staff of most businesses. Senior managers think the rate of transformation is too slow, while the rank and file, for the most part, say transformation is occurring at about the right pace. More

    CIOs need to embrace change to drive business innovation
    The findings of the Deloitte CIO Survey for 2013, a global survey that gathered responses from more than 700 CIOs and senior IT leaders across 36 countries, suggest that while the worst of the IT budget cuts are behind us, the business environment is still extremely challenging for CIOs.More

    CIOs and CMOs: Feuding in the C-suite
    An Accenture survey of 252 CIOs and 405 CMOs shows that, despite IT's years of work toward business alignment, it remains far removed from marketing. Apparently, more IT executives care about the IT-marketing relationship than marketers do: 77 percent of CIOs believe there's a need for alignment between marketing and IT, but only 56 percent of CMOs feel the same way. And few are happy with their relationships as they stand. Only 11 percent of CIOs and 13 percent of CMOs report that there's enough collaboration between the two disciplines in their organizations.More

    9 step CIO survival guide
    Network World
    It probably goes without saying that the CIO's role is in a state of flux in most organizations. Cloud, mobile, social, analytics and cyber are all forces driving massive changes in IT. The possibility is there for the CIO role to fade into irrelevance, with IT becoming a utility that's managed as a distributed function across the business. But the opportunity is also there for the CIO to become the catalyst for transforming the business, a trusted adviser that helps the business navigate the digital business environment. More