Feb. 10, 2015

The 15 digital trends getting the most buzz online
It's impossible to predict which new digital trends and technologies will rise to the level that they become a part of our daily lives. But by looking at those with the biggest increases in online buzz — in news reports and blogs, in forums, and in posts and tweets on social media — it's clear that some concepts increasingly lead online conversations and may have more staying power.More

Website design trends: How to stay ahead of the curve in 2015
Business 2 Community
If you haven't adopted a responsive website by now, let's just say you are already behind the curve. With 60 per cent of Americans using their cell phone to access the Internet, responsive design is no longer a "nice-to-have" but a must. Your website must be optimized for mobile and tablet devices if you want to grow leads and customers from your website.More

Alibaba is making $590 million investment in mobile
Ad Age
Alibaba has agreed to invest $590 million in Chinese smartphone maker Meizu, boosting the e-commerce company's push to get its mobile operating system on millions of handsets in China. Asia's largest internet company will hold a minority stake in Meizu and integrate the smartphone's hardware with Alibaba's YunOS software, Alibaba said in a statement. Meizu, which last year released the MX4 and Meizu Blue Charm, didn't rank among China's top five smartphone manufacturers as of the September quarter, according to researcher Canalys.More

Halifax Internet Exchange just months away from launching
CBC News
A local group is working to make internet in Halifax faster — and hopefully cheaper. Halifax Internet Exchange is just a few months away from launching. Group president John Sherwood says it will improve local internet service. The not-for profit group is working on setting up an internet exchange point (IXP). There are IXPs in more than 600 cities in 115 countries in the world, according to Packet Clearing House, a non-profit internet research institute.More

Geist: CRTC says no to Internet fast and slow lanes
Toronto Star
With the United States embroiled in a heated battle over net neutrality — millions have written to the U.S. regulator to support rules to prohibit Internet providers from creating fast lanes and slow lanes that would treat similar content in different ways — observers might want to take a closer look at how Canada has emerged as a leader in the area.More

Snapchat just added their first 'in-app web series,' are they copying Netflix?
Tech 2
Snapchat seems to be continuously on the move to make rapid changes and improvements to their app. After partnering with media companies to bring news and entertainment videos to their app, Snapchat will now introduce their first in-app episodic video series. Trouble for Netflix? According to Hollywood Reporter, the web series called 'Literally Can't Even' comes from writers Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn, the daughters of Steven Spielberg and John Goldwyn.More

WhatsApp Web privacy bug: Researcher uncovers profile image security problem
International Business Times
Popular messaging service WhatsApp, which recently made headlines for its testing of a voice calling feature, reportedly has a minor security issue in its browser-based interface which exposes profile details of any user and does not properly sync conversations with its mobile counterpart. According to a report by Softpedia, India-based security researcher Indrajeet Bhuyan has revealed that WhatsApp Web has a photo privacy bug that lets users view the profile image of other users, even when they are not on the contact list of that person.More

Internet of things: Connect your TV, home, even your body, to the Internet
The Guardian
You may have noticed that there's a lot of talk about the "internet of things" — things that aren't computers but with connectivity, such as appliances and sensors. Think of an internet-connected lightbulb, thermostat, door lock, washing machine or oven you can control from inside or outside your house. Think of a bridge that can communicate when its concrete structure is starting to show signs of aging in places that can't be reached by normal inspection.More

China steps up Internet censorship by cracking down on VPNs
Toronto Star
Beijing is blocking Internet services that let users bypass the Great Firewall of China. "China has the upper hand when it comes to blocking sites and services." says Karl Kathuria, CEO of Psiphon, a Toronto-based VPN company. VPN (virtual private network) allows a user to encrypt their Internet data. Kathuria expects China will use increasingly more sophisticated techniques to prevent its citizens from accessing popular websites like Google, Facebook and Twitter.More

A look at the future of web businesses: Competition vs cost
Huffington Post
Businesses succeed and fail at the same time. Such is the reality. Even in an economy that is booming, it takes agile, savvy, and focused businesses to make the cut and keep on moving forward. Among the biggest reasons a business will fail, one of the easiest, yet the most challenging, is to determine how to approach and enact a business's web presence.More