Oct. 14, 2014

CIRA head: Governments shouldn't run Internet
IT World Canada
There's room for governments to play a larger role in overseeing the Internet, says the head of this country's Internet registry, but they shouldn't push out independent organizations whose efforts have made the Web a success. "I'm not anti-government," Byron Holland, CEO of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) told an Ottawa conference. "There's a critical role for government in the management of the Internet. But in my opinion that role should not come at the expense of other stakeholders."More

Are you listed? Tips for using SEO directories today
Although online directories are still a part of every complete strategy for search engine marketing and optimization, they don't hold the power they once did. We spoke with marketing experts on the role online directories should play now and how they fit in to your digital strategy. More

3 building blocks for a great B2B email content strategy
Business 2 Community
When last did you sit down and evaluate the reasons behind your B2B marketing emails? We're all guilty of it. We have a schedule and we're sticking to it – sometimes scrambling to find some great new content to share. And let's be honest, results show that the continued delivery of our messages and brand into our customers' inboxes is worth doing it! More

Here's proof Oracle is now taking cloud computing very seriously
Cloud Tech
It's taken a long time for Oracle, and former CEO Larry Ellison in particular, to embrace cloud computing. But now the ship has truly sailed, as the software giant has hired Google App Engine mastermind Peter Magnusson in a senior VP role.More

4 per cent of Canadian Internet users only use mobile devices to go online
CTV News
Canadians are on the verge of passing a major mobile milestone, according to measurement firm comScore. Of all the time Canadians spend online — and it's a lot, ranking second in the world at 33 hours per month — 49 per cent of it is now tied to mobile devices. More

Gmail addresses, website passwords leaked online
CBC News
A list of almost five million Gmail addresses and passwords culled from various websites was posted on a Russian online forum. Mashable and other technology news websites reported that the leaked passwords are not necessarily those used to access Gmail accounts but seem to have been compiled from other websites, including some where Gmail addresses were used to register. More

The Internet of Things will cost companies more than they're ready for
Though the Internet of Things era has only just started, it may already be broken. Like generals fighting the last war instead of the next one, many companies working to build the Internet of Things seem to be stuck in the smartphone and tablet era, embracing approaches that will soon be obsolete, if they aren't already. More

Froont wants to make sharing responsive Web design as easy as sharing code
Froont's visual editor now exits Beta, and with it the company is launching a platform to make sharing Web design with the wider community as easy as sharing code. The flagship feature is that Froont designs can now be cloned, edited, and shared with a client or used as a starting point for new designs.More

Is blogging an outdated content marketing tactic?
There is a shift happening away from long-form blog articles in favor of social media postings. But is this really the best strategy?More

Twitter, the FBI, and cloud computing: The disclosure dilemma
Twitter filed a lawsuit against the FBI and the Department of Justice recently to publish a full "transparency report," which documents government requests for user information. Its objective is to gain more information about government surveillance of its users. More

SEO 201, Part 5: Evaluating Ecommerce Platforms
Practical Ecommerce
All ecommerce platforms claim to be search-engine friendly, to one extent or another. Despite their marketing claims, I've never worked with a platform I didn't need to modify for SEO.More

Hey millennials, watch what you say about that new job, promotion or raise
You earn a raise or a promotion, and the first person you want to share the good news with is your significant other or a close friend. It's instinctive. But these days, it's best to proceed with caution — especially if you're a millennial. If your bestie isn't doing so well at work, news of your big promotion or bonus could strain the relationship.More