Oct. 29, 2013

7 reasons for you to attend our 16th party
Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) is celebrating its 16th Anniversary at North York Civic Center on Nov. 7, 2013, and you are invited as our guest:

# 1. Four Multidisciplinary speakers
# 2. Our biggest event, 300 expected attendees
# 3. *F*R*E*E*
# 4. Anniversary Cake and photos
# 5. Door Prizes
# 6. Meet and Network
# 7. Support the longest serving Internet association

Details and *F*R*E*E* RegistrationMore

Big data is a big problem if you can't interpret it
The Globe and Mail
When Jean-Paul Isson started at Monster, the popular job recruiting website, he was amazed to see just how much data the company was collecting. Every resume, e-mail and Web page visited, among other things, offered invaluable insight into how job seekers used the company's services. That information, if analyzed right, could help recruiters create better postings and attract the right talent.More

Panel: B.C. shouldn't use Internet voting due to security risks
Times Colonist
B.C. should not widely implement Internet voting for provincial or local elections due to security risks, says an independent panel struck to study the issue. "The risks of implementing Internet voting in British Columbia outweigh the benefits at this time," the panel says in a government-commissioned report released.More

Security as a cloud service: Is a revolution on the horizon?
The Guardian
It's no secret that more and more businesses are turning towards cloud computing in search of greater flexibility and lower costs. As I outlined in my last post — Cloud security: understanding your data value pyramid — commercial pressure and increased confidence is driving businesses to rely on cloud-based applications and shared, virtualised services commonly referred to as software as a service (SaaS) offerings.More

Other than Linkedin, why are B2B marketers still unsure about social media?
Part of my curious nature lies in the fact that I always enjoy an oxymoron. I can hear my friends now "Yeah, especially the 'moron' part, right Steve?" But it is true, anytime I read something from the world of marketing, advertising, social media and branding that is at the very least oxymoron-ish in nature, I am instantly intrigued.More

The Chicago History Museum uses crowdsourcing to pick upcoming exhibit
Chicago Business
The Chicago History Museum is using online crowdsourcing to come up with an idea for a new exhibit. It's the first museum in the country known to seek out public opinion for an exhibition. "Chicago is our community and we thought we'd go straight to Chicago to say 'give us a new assignment,'" museum President Gary Johnson said.More

Big data is a big problem if you can't interpret it
The Globe and Mail
When Jean-Paul Isson started at Monster, the popular job recruiting website, he was amazed to see just how much data the company was collecting.More

Could crowdsourcing for a cure be a breast cancer game changer?
By now, most everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's hard to miss, what with pink-ribbon events at every turn.More

VoIP use on the rise
Life Hacker
A new CHOICE survey has found that over half of Australians are taking advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services as a low-cost alternative to traditional telco offerings.More

VoIP is the future for the world's telcos, but it won't be an easy one
I recently wrote about operators saving a packet on toll charges by using IP technology at the core, while failing to pass the benefit on to consumers and businesses with retail voice over IP (VoIP) products. This, I pointed out, is because very cheap voice products will quickly decimate their revenues, so it seems reasonable to expect that the fixed-line and mobile telcos will hold on to their traditional business models a little longer.More

Sending e-marketing messages
Brisbane Times
Using e-marketing can be a great way to promote your business and let your customers know about sales and special offers. However, you should be aware that if you send e-marketing messages to Australians, you must comply with the Spam Act 2003. More