The food environment changes and changes
By Ellen Schuster, BA, MS

Sugars on the label just got more confusing

**The Nutrition Facts label will no longer have an "added sugar" line for single-ingredient sugars such as maple syrup and honey @

**Here's the new FDA guidance on the guidance for single-ingredient added sugars @, which also addresses some cranberry products. The FDA states that since cranberries are naturally tart if the amount of sugar added to them make their sugar content comparable to similar products, a statement can be added to the label explaining that these products can be part of a healthy diet. Some history behind the single-ingredient added sugars label change @

And more about sugars on labels...

**8 ways food companies hide the sugar content of foods ... who knew there were so many kinds of sugars (25!) and syrups (11) added to food ... More @

**And an interesting observation that is sugar-related ... the biggest complaint on Amazon food reviews? It's too sweet! This is based on almost 400,000 online reviews over 10 years conducted by the Monell Chemical Senses Center @

The food environment just became/will become more crowded...

**7-11 delivers Slurpees to beaches and parks @ 7-11 joins Domino's (their 2018 announcement where it delivers pizza to) @

**Grocery predictions (more collaborations between grocery stores and their companies) means food in more places @

**Walmart is expanding online shopping for those receiving SNAP after a pilot began in April @ States that will see this option in the coming months include Alabama, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey and Washington. Amazon is also stepping up its outreach to low-income customers.