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Mar. 15, 2013

SPPA Spring Showcase tops previous years
The 2013 SPPA Spring Showcase wrapped up earlier this week and by all accounts was one of the most successful shows in recent years. More exhibitors, more product lines, and more attendees all combined to make this SPPA signature event spectacular. Also, a new casino party and packed seminar rooms added to the energy of the two-day event.

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Member Awards presented at Casino Party
The members of SPPA have spoken and the Member Awards were presented at the Casino Party earlier this week. Hit Promotional Products had a great night and were voted as the Supplier Company of the Year. Eric Carr with Hit was selected at the Factory Rep of the Year. The final award of the night went to Barry & Mary Beth Pearson, who were honored as the Multi-Line Reps of the Year. The awards were announced by SPPA President Tim Hennessy.More

SPPA schedules events in six cities in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana
Preisdent Tim Hennessy announced during the Membership Luncheon this week that SPPA has set a goal to hold events in all the states in our region this year. The Board of Directors took a major step in achieving that goal when they approved events in six cities between now and September.

The SPPA Promo Tour is proud to announce the following stops in 2013:
April 24: New Orleans Lunch-N-Learn with 5 supplier presentations
May 22: Mobile Lunch-N-Learn with 5 supplier presentations
June 19: Montgomery Lunch-N-Learn with 5 supplier presentations
Sept. 4: SPPA Louisiana Fall Showcase with a tabletop show in Baton Rouge
Sept. 5: SPPA Mississippi Fall Showcase with a tabletop show in Jackson
Sept. 6: SPPA Alabama Fall Showcase with a tabletop show in

Supplier registration for the Promo Tour is available on a first come, first serve basis, and is available at www.sunbeltppa.org.More

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Top 3 nominees announced for SPPA Member Awards
The top three nominees were announced on Facebook for the 2013 SPPA Member Awards. The winners will be announced on March 12 during the SPPA Casino Party. More

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