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Jun. 14, 2013

Promotional Products Education Foundation awards 97 college scholarships
All across the country, Promotional Products Education Foundation scholars are receiving letters of congratulations and notice of scholarship awards. Scholarships of $100,000 were awarded to 97 outstanding promotional products industry employees or their children, 68 new and 29 renewals, who displayed remarkable academic achievement, extracurricular participation and community service. More

SPPA Promo Lunch heads to Montgomery next week
Join us in Montgomery next week for our third Promo Lunch, featuring supplier presentations from Cochran & Company, Hit Promo, Lanco, Sanford Business-to-Business and Vitronic. The lunch is free for the first 30 distributors who register. For more information and to register, visit the event page More

$4.1 million IRS conference included $64,000 in promotional products
Promo Marketing
The Internal Revenue Service has come under scrutiny after a report revealed that the tax agency has spent excessively on conferences for staff. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, Russell George, discovered that the IRS spent $4.1 million of taxpayer dollars on a single conference for employees in 2010, which included $64,000 in promotional products and gifts.More

Congress to once again consider banning BPA from food packaging
Bisphenol-A is a chemical used in all manner of food packaging, in spite of numerous studies linking BPA to everything from increased risks of certain cancers to diabetes, reproductive abnormalities, heart disease, and maybe even childhood obesity. Since the FDA has decided there still wasn't enough science to ban BPA from food packaging (though it later hedged on this ruling and banned BPA from baby bottles), lawmakers in Congress are having another go at a legislative effort to limit the use of BPA. More

Be a promo superhero
Janie Gaunce writes: "The jargon in this industry sounds like a foreign language to a newbie, right? Like many people, I came to this industry from another career. I remember sitting in my first promotional products staff meeting wondering what a placket was. Quickly, I became completely bamboozled by the fact that we had so many products to choose from, so many features and benefits to sell."More

California state Senate rejects plastic bag ban
Promo Marketing
The California State Senate once again voted against a proposal for a statewide ban on disposable plastic bagsMore

Coach an effective selling system
PC Today
Those who are true leaders in selling have effective selling methods or processes that allow them to excel.More

Leading under pressure
By C. Fredrick Crum
Yes, it has been said that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The question is how do they get going?More

10 cheat-sheet tips about websites
By Mark MacDonald
In college, "cheat-sheet" cards were a big help to study between classes. But as we all know, life isn't about passing exams, it's about learning how to do things properly when the opportunity arrives. When it comes to website design and content, here are 10 quick, easy-to-remember tips that will help you develop websites that work. Use this article as a cheat-sheet to ensure you'll pass the test of an effective website.More

6 best things companies do on Facebook today
Carrie Kerpen writes: "Last week, I wrote about the worst things companies are doing on Facebook today. I showcased five companies that really just don't understand how to use the network for positive promotion — and, as a result, turn a lot of consumers off. Today, I'm taking a sunnier tack."More

An expert who speaks or an expert speaker?
Promotional Consultant Today
When you need to bring in a speaker for your company or association event, you have two choices on the kind of presenter to hire: an expert who speaks or an expert speaker. An expert who speaks has real-life experience in relation to the topic. In contrast, an expert speaker may have done research on the topic and may have a lot of book smarts, but can't offer a personal perspective. More