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Jul. 19, 2013

SAGE to offer training at SPPA Fall Showcase

SAGE will offer training at the three SPPA Fall Showcases in September. The session "How to Maximize SAGE Online" will cover topics such as product searching techniques in SAGE Online, creating powerful sales presentations using the Presentation Publisher, the popular Supplier Rating System, Verified by Supplier, creating virtual sample for your customers and using the cloud-based Project Center. This session is recommended for current users who want to learn more about SAGE Online and new users who are just getting started.

The SPPA Fall Showcase will visit Baton Rouge, Jackson and Birmingham on Sept. 4, 5 and 6, respectively. Distributors can sign up to attend the SAGE training sessions when they register to attend the show. There is no cost to attend the training. More

Businesses get the word out at ASI Show
Chicago Tribune
It was sunny day, but Chicagoan Greg Edson spent it entertaining a crowd that was frequently 10 deep around his small booth at McCormick Place as he pitched his Brolly umbrella. Since bringing it to market last year, he has sold about 10,000 umbrellas, which feature a foam-cushioned, brass knuckles-type handle that allows the user to text on a cellphone. They retail for about $20 each.More

'The Joe Show': Midsummer product rundown
The Joe Show
Joe Haley, host of "The Joe Show," features some great new products for summer in this week's installment.More

How online sales tax affects the promotional products industry
Quality Logo Products
If you think collecting sales tax for more than 9,600 different jurisdictions would be complicated, then just wait until you see what happens when you try to apply it to the promotional products industry. More

New hat styles to up your headwear sales
Print and Promo
How often have you been walking through a hipster-centric neighborhood and thought to yourself, "That is absolutely the worst hat I have ever seen, and, at the minimum, I would like to spray that person with a full-blast fire hose and scold them about their explicitly bad life decisions?" More times than you can count on two hands worth of fingers, right?More

3 practical tips for documenting essential job responsibilities
By Deborah Wipf
Ahhh, summer! Time to head to the beach or nearest pool, fire up the...More

3-D T-shirt printing — the future of custom clothes?
PR Web
GarmentPrinting.com, the online promotional clothing company, have made it their mission to research, print and deliver 3-D T-shirts and custom personalized clothes, planning talks with the leading technology companies Stratasys and MakerBot.More

Zebra Marketing's Laura Forbes, MAS, retires; new officers announced
PPAI Publications
After 33 years in the promotional products business, Laura Forbes, MAS, president of Memphis, Tenn., distributor Zebra Marketing Corp. is retiring.More

Why your website needs to work across multiple devices
By Mayur Kisani
The majority of today's users consume media on multiple screens — smartphones, tablets and TV. From checking email to surfing to tweeting about a TV show or finding out about a product, your customers are mobile and spend a considerable amount of time on these screens, away from the desktop computer. Building a website that showcases your business and products across multiple devices is the new norm. Your customers deserve a great online experience with your company, no matter what device they use.More

Things I wish I knew before opening an ecommerce business
Practical eCommerce
You might be prepared to open an online retail business. You have the funding, cash flow planned, inventory managed and even a marketing campaign ready to launch. But there are some other things you'll want to know before you start doing business.More

Measuring the effectiveness of your sales staff
By Harry J. Friedman
Imagine for a moment that you're the head coach of your favorite football team. Your team is vying for a spot in the playoffs. You must decide which of your two quarterbacks will start in this very important game. How are you going to make that decision? The answer should be obvious even if you're not a football fan. You need to analyze the effectiveness of each quarterback. Now, let's get back to reality. You're responsible for the effectiveness of your sales staff. A decision has been made to remodel one of your stores. During the remodeling, the store will remain open but will not require as many salespeople as you currently have. Who do you keep, and who do you let go?More

Big plans but no follow through? 4 steps to get more done
Entrepreneurs often have big ideas, but implementing the plans can easily get lost in the day-to-day shuffle of running a business. Execution is one of the biggest issues for small-business owners, says Scott Regan, founder and CEO of the strategic-planning software company AchieveIt. "Studies show that anywhere between 80 and 90 percent of plans never get implemented," he says. "That means most organizations are underperforming."More