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Jul. 16, 2014

6 tips for a data-driven content strategy
Tech Cocktail
What makes one business stand out from another online? It's not a flashy website or the best search rankings, although they may play a role. Instead, it's about data. For this reason, data-driven content strategies are more important than ever. Follow the six tips below for best results.More

Building a DITA content strategy
Tech Whirl
Do you ever get in your car, turn the key and just drive? Probably not. Usually you have a destination in mind, and a plan of what you want to do once you get there. Companies that want to stay in business more than a few days start off with a set of goals — a destination — and a plan for how to achieve them. Strategy is essential to any business, and if you're planning to adopt DITA, then a DITA content strategy is an essential element in your DITA success.More

8 content marketing tips for when no one reads your content
The Huffington Post
Congrats on posting your infographic, blog, video or webinar. One problem: Uncle Jeb is your only reader. So what should you do? More

Study: How to design a content hub with user experience in mind
A user's experience on your website is important in two ways:


How to create engaging email content to drive conversion
The days of guaranteed inbox placement are over, therefore it's time to concentrate on the second layer of email marketing: data. It is now more important than ever to understand the asset which is your data and the ability of data to provide inbox placement for your emails. So how can you utilize data to produce emails which recipients want to read, as well as email that delivers revenue?More

Final course in the STC Summer School starts soon

The STC Summer School is winding down, with only one more online course scheduled this summer. Press "play" on improving your video documentation skills with the multiweek course Producing Effective Video Documentation, presented by Matt Sullivan on Tuesdays from 5 August through 9 September, 7:00-8:00 PM EDT (GMT-4). The STC Summer School lets you get the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career. You'll learn directly from the instructor and also exchange ideas and tools virtually with the other participants in the program. See the link below for the full list of available sessions.More

STC dues drop to 30% Off; added discount for new members

With the calendar turning to July, STC's membership dues drop for the third and final time this year. All new and renewing members can now get 30% off the regular dues. 2014 Classic memberships are now only $157.50 (reg. $225) and you still receive the full range of STC’s career-building benefits. And new members can use discount code WELCOME to get the $30 enrollment fee waived. Renew or join today and take advantage of everything STC has to offer.More

Summit@aClick available for purchase

Summit@aClick is top techcomm education on demand, a collection of online recordings of the 2014 Summit sessions with audio synched to PowerPoint (along with access to speaker materials when available). The Summit offered over 80 sessions, and Summit@aClick will include almost all of them! This year's edition is now available for sale; members pay $199 through 31 July ($249 after) and the nonmember price is $499. You can return to the sessions again and again throughout the year, providing a valuable resource to you and your department. Click below for more information and to purchase; you can also see a free sample session on the Summit@aClick website.More

July STC webinars

A handful of webinars remain on the schedule for the rest of July, with August being filled up more each week. Get an introduction or a brush-up on security, CSS, graphics, SVGs, and more, with the one-hour live Web seminars. Click below for more details and to register. Join us for an hour and come away with new skills!More

Deeply discounted rates for your entire team!

Over 40 companies are offering STC's Corporate Value Program membership to their employees. Sign up your team today and take advantage of over 140 free educational Web seminars, discounts on certificate courses, monthly and quarterly publications, corporate and travel discounts, networking with like-minded professionals, and more. It's a win-win for the company and the employee.

2014 membership is deeply discounted. For more information, or to join, please contact Stacey O'Donnell, at More

How to do audience research that helps focus your content marketing
Marketing Land
This article outlines a few different ways you can get to know your target audience. The research forms a crucial first step of content creation. To stand any chance of getting people to engage with your content, you need to create work that is relevant to their lives — that is, something they care about.More

Focusing on writing about 1 category may be the best content strategy for your blog
Business 2 Community
Broad niches and categories like online money making ideas, Web design, blogging tools or social media marketing are heavy subjects. It's difficult to be competitive when there's just so much information already available for consumption. There's a good chance that whatever you decide to write has already been covered really well by a major blogger. So how do you stand out from the crowd? And how do you keep true to yourself as a writer and stay on point in niches that seem to be saturated? More

The prose of the machines
The Associated Press announced that "the majority of U.S. corporate earnings stories for our business news report will eventually be produced using automation technology." The rise of automated journalism has been greeted by some reporters with fear and disgust. They fret that "robots" will take their jobs or depress their salaries. Others, noting the dry and, well, robotic quality of the bots' reports, dismiss automated news as a misguided fad. More

6 tips for a data-driven content strategy
Tech Cocktail
What makes one business stand out from another online? It's not a flashy website or the best search rankings, although they may play a role. Instead, it's about data. For this reason, data-driven content strategies are more important than ever. Follow the six tips below for best results.More

Resources every content writer should know about
Business 2 Community
Whether you are an Internet marketer trying to write a blog post or a writing copy for a website, you probably have some bookmarks and tools that you like to use. We all have our reasons for why you should have a blog, and in Internet marketing and SEO the big trend is content marketing, so it's time for everyone to step up their writing skills.More

How to write better copy while barely trying: 6 foolproof tips
Search Engine Watch
Despite what some experts will tell you, people do still read on the Web. Therefore, the copy on your website matters. The copy you use in ads, in video scripts, in blog posts, and in infographics matters.More

Social media 'clevers up' business writing
Marketing Daily
Most businesses are recognizing the benefits of social media as a marketing channel. But too many are still treating it as this exotic place where their brand goes on vacation. Where it can relax a bit. Let its hair down. Be more human. But in more traditional media, it's back to work: suit and tie, serious face, corporatespeak.More

The difference between informational content and decision making content
Business 2 Community
Are you familiar with the customer decision making process for your company? Did you know that customers will be looking for either informational content, or decision making content depending on their place in the decision process? If you want to market effectively to both information seekers, and those ready to make a buying decision, you need to publish a combination of both types of content. Read on so that you fully understand the difference and can create a content strategy that incorporates both types of content. More