TechComm Today
Aug. 14, 2013

Investigating the state of UX and UI design in tech
O'Reilly Radar
The last major shift in design arguably occurred in the 90s as print design gave way to Web design, and designers suddenly had to deal with Web-safe colors, alias fonts, and the information design challenges of a non-sequential medium. Two decades later, design is approaching a similarly monumental shift as designers move from designing for the Web to designing for systems.More

5 things to know when converting your app design to iOS 7
The Next Web
Apple is set to release iOS 7 this fall, an experience the company promises will be simpler, more useful and more enjoyable — while building on the things people love about the current iOS. For developers, the rules of the game are about to shift with iOS 7's new UI, new design and fresh take on the user and device relationship.More

The anatomy of a successful responsive website
Businesses must decide whether to build a native mobile apps or a responsive site for their digital presences. Should you invest in separate iOS and Android development or simply design a site that works across all devices? If you opt to build out a responsive site, here are some best practices to make your design seamless on every platform.More

2014 STC Summit Call for Proposals is now open
The Society for Technical Communication is excited to announce the opening of the Call for Proposals for the 2014 Technical Communication Summit. The Summit will be 18–21 May in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The core content of the Summit’s education program address topics that span the profession, such as content strategy and design, content development and delivery, mobile content, professional development, user experience, usability, accessibility, education, and training. Proposals are due by 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4), Monday, 16 September 2013 and the Call for Proposals is open to all practitioners in the field. All proposals must be submitted through our online submission system. Visit the Call for Proposals for general information about the conference, descriptions of the tracks and topics within the program, and descriptions of session formats. More

Free, members-only webinar on 20 September
STC is providing a free, members-only, live Web seminar on Friday, 20 September, from 1:00-2:00 PM EDT (GMT-4), sponsored Kinetic theTechnologyAgency. Scott Carothers of Kinetic presents Establishing a Simplified Translation Process: How Translation Management is Evolving to help you simplify the translation process, allowing more control with less effort. This webinar is available only to members as a member benefit. While attendance is free, you must register in order to attend, and registration is limited. Looking for more hour-long webinars? See our full calendar!More

September certificate courses from STC
STC has three online certificate courses currently scheduled for September. These online-only courses are perfect to help you take the next step in your career. Choose between Writing for Localization: Hands-on Workshop and Best Practices, presented by Lisa Pietrangeli from 9 September-14 October; Usability Testing Essentials: Hands-on Workshop and Best Practices, presented by Carol Barnum from 10 September-29 October; a brand-new course, How to Build a Business Case and Influence Change, presented by Lisa Pietrangeli from 12 September-10 October. Also scheduled in the coming months are Undiscovered Country: Master Writer, presented by Sharon Burton from 2 October-30 October; and Writing Effective User Documentation, also presented by Sharon Burton, from 6 November-12 December. We'll be adding the next sessions of TechComm 101 and TechComm 201 soon, too, so keep an eye out for details.More

Renewal season starting soon
STC renewal season is coming! Stand by in late September for more information on what's new for 2014 and a reminder of all the great benefits you receive with your membership. For additional information about renewing (or if you're not a member and you'd like to join for the rest of 2013 at a prorated rate!) click "more" below or contact Stacey O'Donnell at

What makes a website look dated?
Design Festival
As designers, we always want to create work that is either on the cutting-​​edge or "classic" and timeless. It is important to have a design that looks great and is conceived deliberately in a current style. Having an outdated style for your website can leave a negative impression with your visitors, reduce your overall traffic, and lower the interest and credibility of your site. You can avoid the dreaded dated look by steering clear of these seven pitfalls.More

Free Java Web app framework OpenXava updated
Application Development Trends
The open source OpenXava project, which recently announced its 4.8 release, is filling a niche among enterprise developers charged with building Web apps fast. Built in Java, the OpenXava framework is a cross-platform enterprise Web application framework available at no cost under a GNU Lesser General Public License.More

CSS3 animations 101: What are animations?
This series looks at CSS3 animations. They share many of the same concepts as transitions, but are far more flexible — if a little more difficult to use. The first question is, how are animations different than transitions?More

Top news sites exemplify successful website design
Better website design leads to superior results. More people are inclined to use a well-presented site, the customer experience improves, sales go up, and ultimately revenues increase. But what goes into making a great site? A look at three top news sites reveals some simple usability practices and design guidelines that can be easily applied to a wide range of websites. The success of a site relates to a combination of factors including its appearance, functionality, and content.More

The future of Web: Pageless design
Most people would agree that a balance of design, aesthetics and functionality are important. With pageless design, you can have this balance. Pageless design, in short, is a single webpage that encapsulates an entire site's data into one fluid page.More

5 Web-design trends tech companies should watch
Design can make or break Web and mobile startups these days. But the problem is: It's not always clear how to improve the design of websites, mobile apps and connected devices. Is it just about making them cleaner, more streamlined and less cluttered? GigaOM talked with tech designers to find out what's hot in Web design these days. From parallax scrolling to bolder colors, here are five things to watch.More

Web design mistakes and how to learn from them
Smashing Magazine
We all make mistakes. Whether in our design and development work or just in life in general, we all do it. Thankfully, even the biggest mistakes carry valuable lessons.More

Best practice for code examples
The majority of articles about Web development include code examples, and across the Web we see great variation in how they're formatted and presented. But a lot of them are not very good — because the code is badly formatted, hard to read, or can't be copied-and-pasted without unwanted junk. This article takes a hard look at code examples, to investigate the common problems they have, and try to establish some best practice for how they should be done.More

Using cURL for remote requests
PHP master
cURL is a powerful tool used for a variety of tasks. This article explains how to use the cURL extension in PHP. The extension offers the functionality as the console utility in the comfortable world of PHP. The article discusses sending GET and POST requests, handling login cookies, and FTP functionality.More