TCHA Weekly Shot
May. 7, 2012

New Mexico DPS reneging on reciprocity agreements
Chris Bird via TCHA
The New Mexico Department of Public Safety announced that most of its reciprocity agreements with other states, including Texas, were null and void. The department stated that most of its reciprocity agreements do not conform to New Mexico law. On its web site, NMDPS stated: "Texas: Concealed carry requirements are not substantially similar to New Mexico or at least as stringent, so Texas is not recognized by NM." Each of the 19 states with which New Mexico has reciprocity agreements had a similar paragraph with just the name of the state changed. The web site listed six reasons that states did not meet NMDPS standards.More

Critic's misguided view of shooting ranges bill; NSSF provides the facts
Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act will accomplish. First, however, we must correct some statements the writer has made. The writer suggests that both gun owners and private ranges would be paying a tax to provide funding for public shooting ranges. In truth, this funding mechanism has been in place for 75 years.More

Florida Gov. Scott: No downtown gun ban for GOP convention
Florida Gov. Rick Scott has rejected a request from the Tampa mayor to prohibit the carrying of guns in downtown during the Republican National Convention this summer because it would infringe upon "sacred constitutional traditions," according to a letter released. Concerned about the politically charged atmosphere on the streets outside the convention hall, Mayor Bob Buckhorn wrote to Scott asking for an executive order that would temporarily override state laws allowing people with concealed weapons permits to transport firearms downtown.More

New Mexico concealed carry limit challenged
Pursuing another local gun control rule that was undermined by U.S. Supreme Court rulings in recent years that affirmed the right to bear arms, the Second Amendment Foundation has filed a lawsuit against officials in New Mexico. The case is seeking to remove a state prohibition on the issuance of concealed carry permits to legal resident aliens. The case was filed on behalf of John W. Jackson, an Australian citizen who came to the U.S. in 2007 with his wife, an American citizen. He obtained permanent resident status in 2008.More

An armed society is truly a polite society
US News & World Report
Jerry Henry: "Ever hear of the Second Amendment? I can think of no reason for not carrying guns openly. In fact, there are only seven states and the District of Columbia that continue to infringe on the Second Amendment by not allowing open carry. Fourteen states allow open carry with a license along with 29 states that allow unlicensed open carry, including four states—Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont, and Wyoming—which require no permits for carrying openly or concealed. If open carry were a big problem, wouldn't some of these states repeal these laws instead of trending toward open carry in more states?"More

Conceal carry clothing hot with gun owners
Almost every state except for Illinois now issues some sort of concealed handgun permit. The regulations to get one vary from state-to-state. Gun sales have been hot across the country the past few years. Nationally, FBI background checks needed for gun sales are on the rise. In 2011, that number hit a record high of 1.2 million in Texas. 2012 may be on track beat that. This is great news for emerging industries that are growing as more people start to carry. Folks who have concealed handgun licenses are getting more fashion forward.More

State-by-state concealed carry laws: The good, the bad, and the ugly
Human Events
From state to state across the nation, varied concealed carry laws that determine the legality of carrying and traveling with a weapon, are about as chaotic as a spinning tornado. Currently, each state in the union has some kind of menacing restriction placed on innocent Americans that concurrently and specifically violate the Second and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. With no clear federal standard, many state authorities are imposing heavy-handed rules that penalize American citizens for exercising Second Amendment rights that, in the best circumstances, afford them the freedom to carry firearms wherever they go.More

Concealed carry: Why the uproar?
Columbus Dispatch
April 8, marked the anniversary of a law that affects the lives of more than 270,000 Buckeyes. Ohio's concealed-handgun license law turned 8-years-old that day. Notably absent from the festivities were blood in the streets, Wild West reenactments and an epidemic of accidental gun injuries. To understand the significance of this event and why it seems completely unremarkable, simply Google "Ohio concealed carry 2003" and prepare to be astonished.More

Dads, daughters ready for range
San Angelo Standard-Times
Just weeks ago, members of the San Angelo Gun Club heard about the first National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day. "The idea was brought up at the monthly club meeting and it was decided it would be an excellent project," club treasurer Janette Story said. On June 9, the club is hoping to have 60 girls ages 10 to 18 at the club's range to participate in firing .22LR rifles. More