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Aug. 25, 2014

Most states strengthened 'stand your ground' guns laws over last decade
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Americans are more empowered than they have ever been by stand your ground or similar laws to use firearms to protect themselves and their property, though the laws are applied inconsistently across the country, a News21 analysis shows. Since 2005, 31 states have adopted stronger self-defense laws, making it more difficult for police and prosecutors to prove a person breaks the law when acting in self-defense and making it more difficult to sue those people if they are found not guilty of a crime.More

Bloomberg group goes after Kroger for open carry ban
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has set its sights on grocery giant Kroger, petitioning the national chain to prohibit the open carry of guns in its stores. In a statement released Aug. 18, the gun control group backed by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg referenced recent gun-related incidences and open carry demonstrations at Kroger-owned stores as reasons for the president and CEO Michael Ellis to “make a clear statement that the open carry of firearms is not welcome in its stores.”More

'Campus-carry' laws are a growing trend
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Derek Sommer carries a concealed handgun almost everywhere he goes these days, including onto the campus of Idaho State University — an illegal act until recently. Under an Idaho law that took effect July 1, nearly 3,000 Idaho residents with enhanced concealed carry permits — people like Sommer — can bring their guns on campuses. Sommer no longer leaves his gun at home or in his car's locked glove compartment. More

Fact of fiction: Gunpowder temperature sensitivity
Some gunpowder has the reputation of being particularly susceptible to variations in temperature. Alliant’s Reloder line is one, for example. Others, such as Hodgdon’s Extreme line, are purposely designed to be stable in extremes of heat and cold. The trouble is, many propellants with a reputation for instability in extreme temperatures are very good powders that make assembling accurate hand loads easy.More

The best bedside gun safes at every price point
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Gun owners want to be sure we can quickly access a firearm in the event of a home invasion or other emergency. However, we need to take steps to ensure guns don’t end up in the wrong hands. Whether the wrong hands are a hardened criminal or a small child, it’s our responsibility to make sure firearms are readily available when needed and secured when they’re not. A popular option that balances these needs is a bedside gun safe. More

Dallas-area school districts boosting campus security efforts
The Dallas Morning News
Most Dallas-area educators won’t be armed this school year despite a new state law that allows concealed handguns on school campuses. For the most part, school district police departments have focused on ramping up current campus security — fortifying doors and installing more cameras — instead of arming teachers. Argyle ISD, in southwest Denton County, has approved having marshals on campus. “Let’s focus on the things we can control, which is the day-to-day security, like locking the doors,” said Dallas ISD Police Chief Craig Miller. The controversial Texas school marshal program was authorized after the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings in 2012, in which 20 children and six educators were killed in Newtown, Connecticut.More

Bullet pullers and stuck case removers, erasers for reloaders
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We’ve all done it. A bullet gets seated way too deep. You forgot to put powder in the case. You look at your cartridge and don’t see a primer. Or maybe while trying to get the roll crimp just right, you accidentally crush a cartridge neck. Now what?More

Should armed teachers disclose guns?
"Stop. Drop your weapon. Don't shoot." Kasey Hansen yelled as she pointed her loaded handgun at a target's chest at a shooting range outside Salt Lake City. "I want to protect my students," said Hansen, a special needs teacher in Utah. "I'm going to stand in front of a bullet for any student that is in my protection, and so I want another option to defend us."More