Association Leadership Briefings
Jan. 21, 2013

To understand the member, be the member
Associations Now
A great golfer once said, "There's a force in the universe that makes things happen. All you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the ball." Fictional as that golfer may be, it is sound advice. Golf is a difficult pursuit that is easy to over think; perhaps not unlike running an association. Association executives do a lot of thinking and communicating and meeting and surveying to try to understand members, but maybe the answer is much simpler: Be the member.More

3 design challenges for 21st century association business models
Principled Innovation
Association boards, CEOs and senior executives will need to answer a wide variety of questions as they embark on the work of developing new business models to enable their organizations to thrive over the next decade and beyond. Of unique importance, however, will be how these leaders work through three critical design challenges that may well determine whether their new business model concepts will be able to achieve both purposeful impact and sustainable profitability.More

One leadership skill that will set you apart
Leadership gurus have extolled vulnerability's importance and TED talks have espoused the power of vulnerability, but what exactly is it? And why do we humans collectively suck so bad at it? This skill probably isn't one you've ever thought about developing — and that's a big mistake.More

To grow, align mission with profitability
The Demand Perspective
One of the self-imposed quandaries that association executives face is an artificial divide between social enterprise and business. This mindset of isolation and fragmentation prevents growth and innovation and, ironically, is at odds with the very mission of serving people. It creates cultures that treasure grandiose statements, reputation, abstract ideas and positions over real people and outcomes.More

9 rules for stifling innovation
Harvard Business Review Blog Network
Innovation has become the holy grail. Finding innovation is almost a sacred quest for the solution that will create growth, and open new eras of prosperity and well-being. Unfortunately, like many things called holy, the concept of innovation is invoked ritually and ceremonially more than it is embraced in practice.More

The key to changing organizational culture
Why do conversations about an important topic like culture typically go nowhere, leading companies to waste time and money with "cultural change efforts" that very seldom work? Here is the problem: First, virtually no one clearly defines what they mean by "culture," and when they do they usually get it wrong. Second, virtually no one has read the original research that shows why culture — when clearly defined — is so important, how it is formed, and how it changes.More

Association management alert: The EXODesk is coming
Association Subculture
In her recent post, Shelly Alcorn writes, "For anyone obsessed with education, this video is a mind-blower. Here is a must-read article that details more about the company behind this amazing new platform, as well as their plans to begin installing these EXODesks in elementary schools in Panama. The debate about association education needs to take a quantum leap forward if we are planning on staying competitive in this new arena."More

Spread your knowledge with a learning program
Your association formed because you and your members all have a common interest and shared knowledge. Now you want to take that knowledge and spread it further; to the community, to your members, to up and comers in your area. Time to set up a learning program!More