Association Leadership Briefings
Jan. 27, 2014

How to attract younger members to your association
XYZ University
Many associations are aging and that trend will negatively impact quite a few organizations in the future. A recent post from XYZ University said, “Baby Boomers are retiring, and as they do, you can expect the number of cancellations due to retirement to increase. This means, engaging the next generation to fill the membership ranks gets more important every year.” But the practice of attracting the next generation becomes difficult when there are no or few younger people in the membership. No matter the demographics of your association’s membership, board or staff, there are ways to overcome this barrier and reinvigorate your association.More

5 tips for your volunteer management plan
By Maria Huntley
You have a volunteer management plan, right? In 2010, 18 million people volunteered for a membership association, according to the January 2012 "Associations Matter: Associations By the Numbers" report published by the ASAE Foundation. That's a lot of people — and those people need sound management in order to make their time investment worthwhile. You owe it to your volunteers to have a purposeful management plan in place to provide structure and guidance for their activity. More

Big data: Big headache or big opportunity for associations?
Association Adviser
It seems you can’t go to an industry or association conference these days without seeing big data somewhere on the agenda. Admitting you don’t “leverage” or “harness” or “optimize” or “drill down” into big data today is like admitting you don’t tweet, use apps or have a Smartphone.More

Do you know your members' engagement potential?
Associations Now
More engagement equals more renewals, right? Maybe not. The new book The Art of Membership explains that some members don’t want to become more engaged, but if you understand what those members do want, you can keep them satisfied and renewing year after year.More

The extraordinary social media event marketing guide infographic
Midcourse Corrections
Having a social media plan for your next event is critical to your success. It shouldn’t be an afterthought or something only your attendees use. Here’s an infographic from Marketo that will help you create a Social Media Event Marketing Plan.More

Google's 'Hummingbird' and associations
For the past couple of years, people have proclaimed “content is king.” For those of us announcing its coronation, September was our “told you so” moment. Google released Hummingbird, its latest algorithm, and it’s a game changer. It’s a new release (not an update like Penguin or Panda) focusing on easier, faster and more targeted search. This is excellent news for associations if you leverage your knowledge to its fullest.More

The key to a better board: Team dynamics
Harvard Business Review Blog Network
The belief that there is a direct connection between the board of directors and organizational success has been gaining ground lately, evidenced by the pressure shareholder activists have been exerting on boards for transparency as well as the “zombie director” movement to remove underperforming directors from boards. But research into what actually makes for a better board — and ultimately, a more profitable organization — remains surprisingly scant. As a result, most companies rely on the “same old” approaches to screening for board directors, recruiting friends and others who they believe have appropriate experience and expertise.More

The missing piece in building competitive programs or organizations
The Demand Perspective
Have you ever thought of how you come up with a new plan, strategy or idea? What are your reference points — the building blocks of options and design elements you pick from? It occurred to me that most of us think in terms of a two-dimensional design: concepts, program or business model schemes; market positioning, structures or guiding principles. How often do we factor in new, intangible sources for establishing competitive advantage, like speed?More