Association Leadership Briefings
Apr. 23, 2012

6 key steps to better advocacy
On Capitol Hill and in statehouses around the country, lawmakers are bombarded with messages from individuals and groups trying to influence their legislative decisions. Will they hear yours? They will if you take a smart approach that cuts through all the noise.More

Mission driven or people driven?
Is your organization mission or people driven? Are the two mutually exclusive or can they co-exist? In practice, "mission-driven" seems to be more than a reference to an organizational model. For many, it embodies a core identity; a raison d'etre for associations. This article questions whether this mentality is hindering many associations from open exploration, adaptability, reinvention and competitiveness — let alone value to members.More

Better leadership through social media
The Wall Street Journal
While blogging, Twitter and Facebook have brought new opportunities for conversation, knowledge gathering and relationship building, those opportunities may feel more daunting than dazzling to overloaded executives. The solution is to stop looking at social media as another platform you have to learn — yet another responsibility — and start seeing it for what it can be instead: A personal toolbox for improving your practice of leadership.More

How human and open is your association?
For many associations, social media is not that easy. It challenges their status quo, creates discomfort, reveals some less-than-flattering organizational truths and raises lots of questions. Social media is growing so fast because it taps into what makes us human — the ability to express ourselves, share, connect and collaborate. However, social media is on a collision course with organizations that remain stuck in the machine age and resist becoming more human.More

5 steps to better leadership charisma
Leadership charisma and personal charisma are very different things. They both involve the same kinds of personal attributes — the ability to project confidence, the capacity to engage others, skill in articulating ideas, vision, and goals — which may explain why some leaders aim for one when they should be developing the other.More

Product and service engagement drives membership retention and growth
Membership Marketing Blog
The connection between the products and services offered by an association and the impact of usage of these on membership is profound. Effectively, it is the fast track to membership success. Intuitively, we all know that members using the association's services is good, but seeing the statistics to support it highlights the critical nature in the membership life cycle of member engagement.More

Concerned about volunteer participation?
Eric Lanke
Eric Lanke took a look at results of the recently released 2012 Economic Impact on Associations study from McKinley Advisors, and noticed that associations are feeling less concerned now that in recent years about a number key issues but one: Volunteer participation.More