TSRA Weekly NewsBrief
Feb. 5, 2015

Great new rifles for 2015
Rifle Shooter Magazine
From stubby Scout rifles to .338 Lapuas that fit in your backpack, 2015 looks to be another big year for purpose-built rifles. Several companies like Daniel Defense are offering modern, feature-loaded ARs for specialized pursuits. CMMG, on the other hand, worked to blend the best features of the AR with the AK platform in their aptly-named Mutant rifle, which is modified to accept AK magazines and offers a 7.62×39 version of the AR. More

New guns: 10 best shotguns of SHOT Show 2015
Field & Stream
This year's SHOT Show saw two big shotgun introductions and enough other new guns that it turned out to be a decent shotgun year. There was very little in the way of exciting new ammo, but we've got some interesting new guns to run our old favorite shells through.More

Waco man's inherited Bonnie & Clyde guns land TV appearance
The Waco Tribune
Another Waco-area resident recently got national television exposure thanks to an unusual inheritance: guns worn by 1930s gangster Bonnie Parker when she and her partner Clyde Barrow were killed in a law enforcement ambush May 23, 1934. The guns — a .38 snub-nosed revolver and a .45 Colt semi-automatic that Bonnie had strapped to her leg — got Earl Davis on an episode of the Fox Business Network's new reality show "Strange Inheritance," hosted by Jamie Colby.More

Texas sets aside Chris Kyle Day in honor of American sniper
Texas recently set aside Monday, Feb. 2, to honor Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL marksman depicted in the film "American Sniper." Kyle became a legend in military circles due to his 160 confirmed kills and developed a deadly reputation in Iraq, where he served several times. He's considered one of the most lethal snipers in U.S. history. More

The new Sauer 101 Artemis Rifle — designed specifically for women
Outdoor Life
Germany's oldest gun manufacturer just introduced the Artemis to its S 101 line of bolt actions for 2015. Sauer named its newest rifle for the Greek goddess of the hunt and — surprise — it's designed specifically for women.More

Border Patrol agents say gun sharing puts lives at risk
Fox News
Guns are in such short supply at the Border Patrol that one agent told Fox News 400 agents share just 100 rifles at his station. The lack of weapons is more than just a nuisance, according to law enforcement authorities, who say each agent should be able to calibrate his or her gun to individual preferences, a process they call "zeroing."More

Gun test: Ruger American
Daily Caller
Blame it on the lagging economy or on the realization by hunters that high-dollar rifles don't kill game any deader than low-cost models. Whatever the reason, one thing has become certain in the firearms industry: Consumers want reliable, accurate guns at an affordable price. In 2011, Ruger realized they were missing a significant segment of the hunting community that was more concerned with function over form. To catch up with that trend, Ruger assigned three engineers experienced in the firearms industry the task of designing a totally new rifle with a handful of simple ingredients: accuracy, reliability, a good trigger, a smooth bolt, a stylish appearance and an affordable price.More

Russia to produce new Kalashnikov Assault Rifle Ak-12, A-55
Defense World
Russia will produce a new generation of assault rifles, AK-12 and A-545, this month to replace Kalashnikov AK-74M for Ratnik soldier modernization program. AK-12 and A-545 will also become part of the Ratnik standard issue soldier outfit slated to enter service this coming spring, Izvestiya newspaper was quoted as saying by Sputnik on Feb. 4.More

Handgun shooting drills: Targets and timing
By Chad Thompson
If you've been dry-fire practicing since the first article, you’re probably ready for some other drills to work on to see your progress and minimize the tendency to get bored. I now recommend that you either make your own downsized targets or buy some, but you need a series of targets that will simulate what you may encounter at a match, including small metric, classic and steel targets. Get as detailed as you would like because the more realistic the targets, the more comfortable you will be when you see one just like that at a match. More