TSRA Weekly NewsBrief
Feb. 26, 2015

Texas tax holidays proposed for guns and ammo
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Tax-free shopping may not be just for kids'’ clothes anymore. State lawmakers are reviewing plans to extend the benefit to other Texans, particularly hunters. Rep. Chris Paddie, R-Marshall, proposes creating two new sales tax holidays — at the beginning of dove- and deer-hunting seasons — for those buying firearms, ammunition and hunting equipment. More

TPWD taking public comment on regulations proposals online, live webinar set for March 6
Texas Fish & Game
Each year, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department proposes changes to the state's hunting and fishing regulations and gathers public comment. Participating in the annual process is now more convenient with new online resources for getting involved, including recorded video presentations and an upcoming live online webinar presentation of this year's proposals.More

States debate laws allowing guns on college campuses
One of the hottest debates on campus safety is working its way through legislatures in 10 states — whether guns should be allowed on the grounds of public and private colleges and universities. Some 41 states ban the carrying of concealed weapons on campus. But as campus crime, especially sexual assault, grabs headlines, many supporters of allowing guns argue it will improve safety. More

5 failed rifle designs
Ever since the first firearm design was traced out, shooters have looked to make a better one. This path has led to hundreds of innovative and ground breaking designs, establishing new standards and ultimately moving the modernization of firearms in a positive direction. Then, there are those that just plain didn't. Here are five ugly ducklings for which there would be no beautiful swan happy ending.More

How to make clay target shooting as easy as telling time
By Irwin Greenstein
There's an insider's trick to shooting clay targets that can make the sport easier than you think. It involves your ability to tell time on a clock face. Any clays-shooting instructor will tell you that the most important aspect of the sport is focusing on the target. Without 100 percent target focus, your eyes will likely jump back to the barrel of the gun and during that momentary lapse the target is racing away and you're playing catch-up — increasing your chances of a miss.More

New Rifle 2015: LWRCI CSASS
Field & Stream
VideoBrief LWRCI has a bunch of new guns out for 2015, but this rifle is one of the most interesting. The C.S.A.S.S. (stands for compact semi-automatic sniper system) was designed for military sniper competitions. It has ambidextrous controls, sports a 24-position gas block, and utilizes LWRCI's patented short-stroke gas piston operating system. Overall, the gun is lightweight and compact but designed specifically for long-range accuracy. More

Shooting the bull: Ruger American Rifle is best of the budget bolt-actions
Twin Falls Times-News (Opinion)
The Ruger American Rifle is one of the slickest bolt actions to come down the pike in some time. Though priced and categorized as an entry-level firearm, the AR boosts many of the same ergonomic niceties and standard features as the firm's carriage-class Hawkeye line, but it retails for hundreds less. Even when viewed beside its numerous price-point competitors (the Savage Axis, Marlin X7, Remington 783, Mossberg Patriot, Howa GameKing and T/C Venture,) the American Rifle rules the roost.More

Beretta to debut its first full-size striker fired pistol
Beretta unveiled the new APX, a striker-fired service pistol developed for military and law enforcement users, as well as the commercial market. Right now details are thin — most details come from the All4Shooters.com coverage of an international arms show — but what is known is that the gun was launched for the international defense market, so when a U.S. version becomes available specifications will be slightly different.More

Buying your 1st suppressor — which 1 and how?
Texas Fish & Game
Interested in purchasing your first suppressor but don't know which one or how to go about the process? Jeremy from Silencer Shop answers those questions.More

Why a CHL? We all have our reasons
By Ken Jolly
Breaking the ice in my training classes, I learn more about my students by asking a simple question: "Why do you want a CHL?" Stories range from previous close encounters to the unusual. A fellow instructor told me of one person who looked around to make sure no one was listening, then whispered, "killer clowns." I'm not partial to clowns myself. When you stop and think about it, anyone painting their faces like a clown can't be up to any good. The point is we all have our own reasons in coming to the decision to get a Concealed Handgun License.More