TSRA Weekly NewsBrief
May. 29, 2014

Emanuel ordinance would require videotaping of gun sales
Chicago Tribune
Chicago could require gun dealers to videotape sales and ban gun stores near schools and parks under Mayor Rahm Emanuel's latest attempt to heavily regulate firearms sales following a federal court ruling that tossed out the city's outright ban on gun sales. The plan, to be introduced at a City Council meeting, would require gun dealers to videotape sales "to discourage traffickers and buyers who use false identification," according to a report from the city detailing the specifics of the ordinance.More

AR-15 trigger trouble
Gun Digest
By Richard A. Mann: "It's no secret that Mil Spec AR triggers are terrible. They have everything a good trigger does not have, like take-up, creep, over-travel and inconsistency. Because of this, a number of manufacturers offer aftermarket triggers for the AR-15 and the AR-10. I could recommend most any of these triggers, but, more importantly, let me explain to you what a good trigger actually is."More

9 misconceptions about handgun lasers
Handguns Magazine
In the long history of handgun development, laser optics are a relatively new creation. Laser optics represent a departure from the standard sighting systems found on handguns for over a century, and while lasers have grown immensely in popularity over the past two decades there are still a number of misconceptions about their functionality and use.More

5 full-sized polymer handguns that should make GLOCK nervous
When Gaston Glock first introduced his Model 17, the gun world laughed at the prospect of plastic guns made by Mattel. Some 32 years later, GLOCK has the last laugh, with the majority of police departments in the U.S. adopting GLOCK’s Polymer G series of pistols or one of its polymer-framed rivals. GLOCK was once the king of plastic blasters, but are there better options more than three decades later? Guns.com takes a look at the top five polymer-framed GLOCK-killers.More

Shooting tips: How to practice better, cheaper
Action Pistol shooters in the three most popular games — USPSA, ICORE and IDPA — face targets that have only one common characteristic. That is, the targets are buff-colored cardboard with scoring rings denoted by slight perforations. Although critical to success, those scoring ring perforations are not normally visible beyond a few yards. Experienced shooters know the path to better scores is finding the right sight picture to place their rounds in the zones that deliver maximum points.More

Down and dirty solutions to hiding your handgun
Be it from prying eyes, fingers or leaders, hiding your weapons is an integral part of safely owning firearms and never more than when it comes to your handguns. Tips and tricks for keeping pistols undercover and accessible in the home has been a deep and long running theme in our comment box, and though we'd never endorse rashness, here's the dirty to keeping your handguns out of sight (but never out of mind).More

Billionaire leftists attack your gun rights
Front Page Magazine
Gun control advocates hoping to capitalize on the tragic incident in Santa Barbara, California, have a powerful asset in their corner this year: Second Amendment-hating billionaires led by George Soros are gearing up for a fresh assault on your constitutional right to defend yourself, your family and your property. The Democracy Alliance, a donors collaborative of well over 100 far-left venture capitalists, heirs and heiresses, Hollywood moguls and unethical bankers, is throwing millions of dollars at left-wing gun-control groups in hopes of preventing the increasingly likely Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate this November.More

Craig stands by 2nd Amendment support in wake of NRA magazine cover story
The Detroit News
Police Chief James Craig recently reiterated his support for the Second Amendment in the wake of a National Rifle Association magazine cover story that featured the chief advocating for gun rights. During a one-on-one interview with The Detroit News, and a press conference outside police headquarters later, Craig said he not only supports the right to bear arms, but Michigan's Open Carry law, which allows licensed gun owners to carry their firearms in non-restricted areas, as long as they're not concealed.More

Craig stands by 2nd Amendment support in wake of NRA magazine cover story
The Detroit News
Police Chief James Craig recently reiterated his support for the Second Amendment in the wake of a National Rifle Association magazine cover story that featured the chief advocating for gun rights. More

Man on the street: What's the best cartridge for self-defense?
Guns & Ammo
Opinions surrounding the best rounds for self-defense vary as widely as the guns that chamber them, and there's likely no definite answer in sight — but when the time comes to protect ourselves, a .22 in the pocket is better than a .45 in the safe.More

Hybrid holsters for concealed carry
Gun Digest
Hybrid holsters have become hugely popular in the last few years. One such is Mark Craighead's Crossbreed brand, so popular the brand has become almost a generic term for this sort of rig.More

Smart guns: Betting your life on your iPhone?
American Rifleman
By Mark Keefe: "The NRA Firearms Sourcebook defines a firearm as 'An assembly of a barrel and action from which a projectile is propelled through a deflagration of propellant.' I love that word: deflagration. Webster's defines to deflagrate as 'to burn down' or 'to burn rapidly with intense heat and sparks being given off.' It is hot and violent. Deflegration is not a place where I want my iPhone. I have enough trouble getting mine to read a thumbprint after eating a hamburger, let alone the stressful circumstances that might occur when I would actually need to use a firearm defensively."More

Bloomberg: We need to make the National Rifle Association afraid of us
Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg appeared on CBS's Face the Nation to talk gun control. The Hill has the report here. Bloomberg continued his usual twaddle about how the NRA instills fear in elected officials: "We need to make the Congress understand that the vast preponderance of the public does not want criminals, minors or people with psychiatric problems to be able to buy guns," he said on CBS's "Face the Nation." "And we've got to make Congress understand that and vote that way."More