TSRA Weekly NewsBrief
Aug. 14, 2014

About that time: 2014-15 Texas hunting and fishing licenses on sale Aug. 15
Lone Star Outdoor News
New licenses for the 2014-15 hunting and fishing seasons go on sale Friday, August 15. The current year Texas hunting and fishing licenses (except year-to-date fishing licenses) will expire Aug. 31. Every year, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department issues about 2.5 million hunting and fishing licenses through the agency’s 28 field offices, more than 50 state parks and at over 1,700 retailers across the state.More

Industry group: Gun sale rates at 'new normal'
The National Shooting Sports Foundation recently advised that the drop in gun sales over the past seven months are nothing but a return to normal after an extraordinary year in 2013. Further, its research contends that if you overlook last year’s huge jump in sales, the number of FBI National Instant Background Checks performed so far this year still show significant gains over the past decade.More

Proposed rules would allow alcohol at gun shows
The Texas Tribune
The Texas agency that regulates alcohol sales is considering a rule change that would allow alcohol to be served at gun shows, as long as all the guns are disabled and there is no live ammunition on the premises. Under current rules, venues licensed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission must suspend alcohol sales and drinking during gun shows, including during setup and dismantling of the shows. More

Wall ISD to permit handguns on campus
Authorized staff and faculty members at Wall Independent School District will be permitted to carry handguns this fall. No one will carry weapons on the first day of class, Aug. 25, though by October, Superintendent Walter Holik Jr. projects about a dozen people on campus will be certified and trained to carry a concealed handgun. "It's more of us being proactive," Holik said. "We just want people to think twice if you come on our campus."More

Video: At the range — shaving a second with Jerry Miculek
Guns & Ammo
In shooting competitions, time is everything. An additional second — or even hundredth of a second — can be the difference between a first place finish and something less desirable. Accomplished shooters know that transitioning from one target to the next is a crucial factor in shaving seconds off overall time. It’s also something that can easily be overlooked. More

So, really, where is the .22 rimfire ammo?
American Rifleman
The major domestic ammunition makers have been producing more ammunition than ever. They are all up in terms of total production — double, and in some areas, triple-digit increases. They are all running three shifts. And when it comes to center-fire cartridges, at least of three of the big makers are caught up and beginning to load either new products, line extensions or specialty loads.More

Chronic wasting disease, new products among topics at deer breeders convention
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Chronic wasting disease, better known to deer breeders and hunters as CWD, has not been detected in the deer breeding industry in Texas, but Mitch Lockwood said the state is trying to put together a good response plan in case it is ever needed. “We want to have a good plan in place so it is responsible and doesn’t overly burden the industry unnecessarily, “Lockwood, big game director at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, said after speaking at the annual convention of the Texas Deer Association held in San Antonio.More

An easy packin' rifle
Guns Magazine
The Lightweight Hunter is one of Savage’s specialty series, offered in both the Model 11 short action and the Model 111 standard-length action. Nominal weights are 5.5 and 6 pounds for the two action sizes, and individual rifle weight will vary depending on caliber and wood density. Getting a rifle under 6 pounds isn’t too hard — the trick is to make it both light and well balanced. More

The unique challenges, performance of monometal bullets
Gun Digest
In the late 1980’s, Mr. Randy Brooks, owner of Barnes Bullets, sat on a patch of high ground in Alaska glassing for bears and had a brilliant idea. His vision was to create a bullet that would expand reliably, yet penetrate deeply and not come apart. It was the concept of removing the entire lead core, leaving a bullet made of a solid copper (usually just reserved for the jacket material) that was completely revolutionary.More

Rule would require gun dealers to report thefts in transit
The Hill
Gun dealers could soon be holstered with new theft reporting requirements, federal regulators said. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is looking at new rules that would require gun dealers to report the theft of a firearm that is being shipped to a customer or another gun dealer.More

Guns and kids
Guns Magazine
The American shooting world is awash in external gun locks, gun boxes and integral trigger security devices to make your job easier. Make a dispassionate threat assessment of your household. If your kids and anybody else who might conceivably be present are old enough and responsible enough to live around firearms safely then they should be readily accessible and easily made dangerous. If there is any possibility of access by inquisitive little hands or others of any age whose judgment is in question, the weapons and ammunition must be unequivocally secured. Assess your unique situation then err on the side of safety every single time.More

Fundraiser in Brownwood supports shooting sports, hunting safety
Big Country Homepage
When it comes to exercising your 2nd Amendment rights, the NRA Foundation is right there supporting it. The Friends of the NRA in Brownwood recently held a fundraiser to support activities promoting firearms and hunting safety. "We do nearly 1,100 banquets nationwide," Jack Cannon, West Texas Director said. "Last year, around $30 million was raised at banquets like the one in Brownwood."More

About that time: 2014-15 Texas hunting and fishing licenses on sale Aug. 15
Lone Star Outdoor News
New licenses for the 2014-15 hunting and fishing seasons go on sale Friday, August 15. The current year Texas hunting and fishing licenses (except year-to-date fishing licenses) will expire Aug. 31.More

How to boost your benchrest shooting skills
Rifle Shooter
As shooters, Keith Wood believes we spend too much time shooting from the bench. Nonetheless, benchrest shooting does require proper technique. How will you know if your rifle is capable of shooting .75-inch groups if you can’t shoot with that level of precision?More

The gun-rental loophole
In the easternmost outskirts of Austin, Texas, there’s a gun club where Matt Valentine used to shoot skeet. Families came on weekends and made a day of it — there were picnic tables, vending machines and barbecue grills. A dog slept on the floor of the clubhouse.More