TSRA Weekly NewsBrief
Sep. 26, 2013

Kerry signs UN arms treaty, senators threaten to block it
Fox News
Secretary of State John Kerry signed a controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulation, riling U.S. lawmakers who vow the Senate will not ratify the agreement. As he signed the document, Kerry called the treaty a "significant step" in addressing illegal gun sales, while claiming it would also protect gun rights.More

Guns, gay rights could be factors in Wendy Davis run for Texas governor
The Dallas Morning News
If Sen. Wendy Davis decides to run for governor, she might consider how much things have changed since Ann Richards ran and won in 1990. And how much they're the same. Davis, D-Fort Worth, emailed supporters saying she will announce her election plans Oct. 3. Indications are growing that she intends to challenge two decades of Republican hegemony in the Governor’s Mansion.More

Why don't more hunters use 9.3x62mm Mauser cartridges?
By John McAdams
Today I want to discuss a lesser known, yet potent and versatile hunting cartridge: the 9.3x62mm Mauser. While relatively popular in southern Africa and Europe, relatively few hunters in the United States utilize this outstanding cartridge, usually relying on the more common .375 H&H Magnum instead when hunting large and dangerous game. While the .375 H&H is an outstanding cartridge, the 9.3x62mm can provide 85-95 percent of the power with less recoil and with the added bonus of being able to fit in a rifle with a standard-length action.More

More older Texans are packing heat
Respect your elders — and be aware that they might be packing heat. Texans in their 50s and 60s are leading the pack in getting concealed handgun licenses. "Older folks are more concerned with their safety, recognize the dangers around them more, have more to lose and are less capable of dealing with threats by running and avoidance," said Alan Korwin, author of 14 gun law books, including "Your First Gun — Should you buy one and join 60 million safely armed American homes?"More

Hunting in America — Big bucks, big impact on the economy
Did you know that hunting's $38.3 billion economic impact in 2011 was more than Google's annual revenue? Hunting has a huge impact on the American economy. This infographic from the National Shooting Sports Foundation provides a look at just how big that impact is in the United States.More

Armed Citizen Project to give free guns, ammunition to residents in small Florida town
Headlines & Global News
A pro-gun rights group in Florida announced it will give free guns and ammunition to residents in Orlando, Fla., as long as they pass a background check, United Press International reported. The Armed Citizens Project of Florida — created to halt crime rates by arming citizens — began advertising the deal in the Sunshine Gardens neighborhood. More

Guns are for girls
The Battalion
Ready? Take aim. Fire! The College Station-Snook chapter of A Girl and a Gun women's shooting league provides a positive environment for women to learn about firearms and firearm safety, said Megan McMullen, Class of 2008. "We welcome all women and all experience levels of shooting," McMullen said. "We have had ladies come out that have never touched a gun, to police officers and Marines and everything in between."More

Fundraiser supports youth shooting sports
Burleson Star
Youth in a large North Texas region, including those in Johnson County, are annually provided substantial grant funding to participate in shooting sports through Friends of NRA. "We really want youth to learn the right ways to handle a gun," Mark Carpenter said. "Guns are fun, but you have to be safe with them. We use these grants to help them understand responsible gun ownership while having fun." The annual Johnson County Friends of NRA banquet will take place Oct. 3.More

Guns, gay rights could be factors in Wendy Davis run for Texas governor
The Dallas Morning News
If Sen. Wendy Davis decides to run for governor, she might consider how much things have changed since Ann Richards ran and won in 1990. And how much they’re the same.More

Second Amendment definition in Texas school work book triggers uproar
Fox News
Parents at a high school near Dallas say the authors of a book on U.S. history misfired when they defined the Second Amendment — and now one of the book's co-authors says the book is being revised.More

Men legally carrying firearms arrested at Texas capitol
Texas GOP Vote
At least 3 men (one a war vet in a wheelchair) were arrested, at the Texas Capitol in Austin after State Troopers, not aware of the law, arrested them and then had to think of other charges to put on the men.More

Arms treaty draws NRA, conservative ire
The United States signed on to an international arms control treaty that seeks to reduce global atrocities, but the road to ratification in the Senate may prove to be extremely bumpy and, possibly, insurmountable. Secretary of State John Kerry signed the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty on the sidelines of this week's gathering of the U.N. General Assembly. The treaty, which nearly 90 countries have signed, requires signatory countries to ensure arms are not sent to countries where they could be used to commit genocide, crimes against humanity or other serious human rights abuses.More