TSRA Weekly NewsBrief
Oct. 10, 2013

There's a gun-range arms race in North Texas, and North Richland Hills is winning
Dallas Observer
When it was first announced, all the way back in January, the Frisco Gun Club billed itself as the nation's largest indoor shooting range. Nine months later, as club prepares to open this month, it has dropped that claim, focusing instead on its luxurious VIP lounge and culinary offerings. There's a reason. In July, it became clear that the Frisco facility, at 43,000 square feet, would be dwarfed by a 100,000-square-foot shooting range and gun shop planned for Colorado. Turns out, it won't even be the biggest in Dallas-Fort Worth.More

Are guns the problem?
Every time there's a shooting tragedy, there are more calls for gun control. Let's examine a few historical facts. By 1910, the National Rifle Association had succeeded in establishing 73 NRA-affiliated highschool rifle clubs. The 1911 second edition of the Boy Scout Handbook made qualification in NRA's junior marksmanship program a prerequisite for obtaining a BSA merit badge in marksmanship. In 1918, the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. established its own Winchester Junior Rifle Corps. The program grew to 135,000 members by 1925. In New York City, gun clubs were started at Boys, Curtis, Commercial, Manual Training and Stuyvesant high schools. With so many guns in the hands of youngsters, did we see today's level of youth violence?More

John Cornyn blasts signing of UN Arms Treaty: 'Send inspectors to Texas!'
The Inquisitr
Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, released a scathing press release lashing out at the Obama administration over a new U.N. guns treaty. John Cornyn was at odds with some of the GOP establishment before his tough talk on gun laws, after failing to support Ted Cruz's Obamacare "filibuster." But in a press release, Cornyn charged that Obama's signing of the U.N. pact amounts to the "latest in a long line of the Obama Administration's attempts to trounce on the constitutional rights of law-abiding Texans and Americans across the country."More

Ordinance outlaws fake guns where real ones are banned
Carrollton Leader
The Carrollton City Council has amended the city's firearms ordinance to make it clear that the displaying of fake or facsimile firearms are illegal in any public place. At a regular meeting on Aug. 20, the council voted 6-0 to add wording to that was already in place that stated, "It shall be unlawful for any person to display or brandish a facsimile firearm in a public place." The amendment adds: "or any place a firearm is prohibited by state law within the corporate limits of the city."More

Virtual sidearm simulation used in training gun owners
Statesman Journal
VideoBriefA new high-tech firearm simulator is providing more training opportunities for firearm owners — without the cost of ammunition. Blackwater Tactical has set up its new firearm simulator, calling it the first of its kind in Salem, Ore. "It's a way for us to teach firearm skills from the ground up with a safe environment that fosters those skills to use with a real firearm," said Blackwater Tactical co-owner Wayne Floyd.More

Bill would let troops, civilians carry guns on stateside bases
Navy Times
Service members and federal civilians could carry personal firearms on military bases under a bill introduced by Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, that would reverse a 20-year-old policy on firearms. "Why are civilians at a restaurant allowed to defend themselves but soldiers trained in firearms aren't?" Stockman said. "Why can't we extend common-sense gun laws like open carry to our soldiers?"More

You are 3 times more likely to be shot by police officers than concealed carry permit holders
Ammo Land
In 1994, when Arizona started its shall issue concealed carry weapon program, there was considerable interest in how many and what types of homicides would be related to the new law. Attempting to determine how the homicide rate of people with CCW permits compares to that of police officers is not an easy task. There are several sources that show that people with CCW permits are far more law abiding than the general population.More

Letter: Veterans need gun permits to prevent mass shootings
The Daily News Journal
Greg Segroves, a Daily News Journal reader, writes: "I heard 'His Majesty King Barack the 1st' and I hope the last, on the news saying that these mass shootings have to stop. We all know what that means: more laws and executive orders that infringe on our Second Amendment rights rather than realistically dealing with the problem. I do agree with 'His Excellency' on one thing. These shootings need to stop."More

Virtual sidearm simulation used in training gun owners
Statesman Journal
A new high-tech firearm simulator is providing more training opportunities for firearm owners — without the cost of ammunition.More

Do we overreact to people carrying guns?
If you're new to Texas you may not know that it is perfectly legal to carry a rifle or other long gun out in the open in most cases.More

UN Arms Treaty will be menace to US for years to come
Fox News
Secretary of State John Kerry's signature of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty was a serious error, one that will have far-reaching consequences for American foreign policy and American sovereignty.More

Guns at school? If there's a will, there are ways
The New York Times
The slim, black 9 mm handguns that the Arkensas school superintendent David Hopkins selected for his teachers weigh about a pound and slip easily into a pocket. Sixteen people, including the janitor and a kindergarten teacher, wear them to school every day. Although state law prohibits guns on campus, Hopkins found a way around it.More