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Jan. 8, 2014

14 global trends that will define travel in 2014
2013 was a year of big stories in travel, and we brought you all of the important ones. But what will drive the world's largest industry in 2014? How will the megatrends in travel intersect with the ground realities of economies-in-upheaval and technological changes?More

Group booking recovery expected to continue
Hotel News Now
As 2013 closed, group business finally showed some positive trends, and advanced-booking data from TravelClick and several hotel owners show that group business will continue to grow through 2014. "2013 was kind of a weak year in group through the first three quarters," said Tim Hart, executive vice president of business intelligence at TravelClick. "Really in October and November we saw the pace of new group sales over a 30-day period start to grow consecutively. That improves the outlook heading into 2014."More

The Texas economy in 2014: Signs of a slight slowdown?
For the nation's economy, 2013 is a story of a continued comeback following a devastating recession. And for Texas? Well, the story's slightly different.More

Gas prices down in 2013, set to go lower in 2014
Drivers fueled up for the lowest price in three years during 2013, according to AAA, and even lower prices are expected in 2014. The motorist group reports that the national average price for a gallon of regular gas was $3.49 in 2013. That's down about 12 cents from the record price set in 2012 and is a couple of cents cheaper than 2011.More

New pilot fatigue rules go into effect
USA Today
New rules that require pilots to get a minimum amount of uninterrupted rest and limit the number of consecutive hours they can fly are now in effect.More

Airline industry marks 100 years of commercial air travel
CBS/The Associated Press
Millions of people step aboard airplanes each day, complaining about the lack of legroom and overhead space but almost taking for granted that they can travel thousands of miles in just a few hours. Jan. 1 marked the 100th anniversary of the first commercial flight: a 23-minute hop across Florida's Tampa Bay. The St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line was subsidized by St. Petersburg officials who wanted more winter tourists in their city. The alternative: an 11-hour train ride from Tampa.More