Travel News Report
Feb. 4, 2015

DMO outlook: Trends to watch
Meetings and Conventions
What should destination marketing organizations be worrying about in the coming years? And what new developments should they be embracing? Such questions are central to Destination Marketing Association International's latest initiative: DestinationNEXT, a two-part study that looks ahead to determine trends and influences that will help DMOs navigate the fast-changing world of business, group and leisure travel. More

Gasoline's price plummet appears to have hit bottom
The great slide in gasoline prices may have come to an abrupt end. After declining 123 straight days, gas prices bottomed out at a national average of about $2.03 last week — a six-year low. Recently, the national average was at about $2.06 a gallon. Moreover, prices could rise 30 to 60 cents a gallon heading into peak spring and summer driving season.More

US tourism industry to see boom in overseas visitors
FOX News
VideoBriefThe U.S. will see a significant increase in overseas tourists within the next several years despite a stronger dollar, according to a new report by the global travel group, Brand USA. Canada and Mexico remain the top nations for visitors to the U.S., yet other countries are gaining notice. Tourists from developing countries, such as China, India and Brazil, are expected to be some of the most frequent visitors to America.More

President proposes fee increase to pay for air travel infrastructure
Successful Meetings
President Barack Obama wants to update the nation's air travel infrastructure. Recently, upon releasing his FY2016 budget proposal, he revealed his plan for doing it: Raise the airport user fee levied on travelers when they purchase an airline ticket, then use the proceeds to fund improvements to airports, runways and baggage systems.More

How flight delays affect you and your business — even if you're not flying
It has probably affected us all at some time, is totally indiscriminate about who it attacks and frequently causes pain and inconvenience when it occurs. It can sometimes creep up on us, whilst on other occasions we can see it coming a few hours in advance. It is the flight delay. More