Travel News Report
Feb. 20, 2013

Road warriors want better PR
The Texas Tribune
"Water" and "roads" were the big buzzwords leading up to this legislative session. State leaders from Gov. Rick Perry on down went on record touting the importance of finding funding for water infrastructure and highway projects. One month into the session, water is right on track. There is widespread agreement on tapping the Rainy Day Fund to create a revolving fund to implement the state's water plan.More

Corpus Christi joins in tourism push on Texas Capitol
Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Corpus Christi tourism leaders arrived at the state Capitol prepared, right down to their shoes. Walking the halls of the 1 million-square-foot Capitol complex is a punishing feat, particularly on the feet of the cadre of local tourism officials who visited several Coastal Bend lawmakers, lobbying as one voice with about 800 other tourism officials from across the state who visited lawmakers of their own.More

Airline merger could squeeze some hub airports
The Associated Press via News Tribune
A merged American Airlines and US Airways will carry more passengers around the world than any other, but even the biggest airline flying doesn't need eight hub airports on the ground. That means amid the hoopla of last week's merger announcement, there are a few mayors, a handful of chambers of commerce leaders and lots of frequent fliers worried about what's to come. Expect their sales pitches to start soon about why their city should remain a hub.More

Southwest, AirTran begin 'connecting' flights
USA Today
Southwest Airlines has begun to "connect" its flights with those of subsidiary AirTran. That comes more than 20 months after Southwest closed on its deal to acquire its one-time rival, offering customers one of the most tangible changes yet in a merger that has progressed at a plodding pace. With the linking of the two carriers' flight options, customers will be able to book single-ticket connecting itineraries that include flights on both Southwest and AirTran.More

Four-year boom expected for the US hotel industry
The U.S. hotel industry is booming, more so than anywhere else in the world, and many in the industry say they expect the good times to keep rolling for a few more years until supply catches up with demand. The United States is "the poster child of optimism anywhere around the world," Jim Burba, chair of the Americas Lodging Investment Summit and president of the Burba Hotel Network said at this year's ALIS, the world's largest hotel investment conference.More

Study: Face-to-face meetings generate most ideas
Successful Meetings
The best brainstorming sessions take place in person during face-to-face meetings, according to a new scientific study. Conducted by the IMEX Group in partnership with the Meetology Group, the study involved an experiment that was designed to test the question: "Does meeting face-to-face improve creativity compared to virtual meetings?" As part of the experiment, pairs of participants engaged in brainstorming sessions face-to-face, over the phone and via video chat. The results showed that face-to-face sessions generate more ideas, a "marginally" higher quality of ideas and a greater variety of ideas than either phone or video chat.More