Travel News Report
Mar. 6, 2013

Gas prices fall for first week since December
USA Today
Gas prices fell last week for the first time since December, the Energy Information Administration reported. The price of a gallon of self-serve regular averaged $3.759 across the nation, down a scant 2.5 cents from $3.784 last week.More

Hunters, anglers have $4.1 billion impact on Texas' economy
The Observer
The 2.7 million people who hunt or fish in Texas have a tremendous impact on the state's economy. In 2011, these outdoorsmen and women spent $4.1 billion with a ripple effect of $7.26 billion and supported 65,993 jobs in the state. New data released by the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation documents the importance of sportsmen and women's activities in Texas and across the nation. The state fact sheets follow the release of CSF's national report, "America's Sporting Heritage, Fueling the American Economy," that was released in mid-January.More

For airline travel, 2012 was safest year since 1945
The New York Times via The Boston Globe
Flying on a commercial jet never has been safer. It has been four years since the most recent fatal crash in the United States, a span unmatched since propeller planes gave way to the jet age. Worldwide, last year was the safest since 1945, with 23 deadly accidents and 475 fatalities, according to the Aviation Safety Network. That was fewer than half the 1,147 deaths, in 42 crashes, in 2000.More

Hotels dive into ADA regulations
Hotel Management
The standards set forth by the 2010 draft of the Americans with Disabilities Act went into effect in January. Hotels have to ensure they comply with standards or fall under safe harbor with compliance to the 1991 standards. The legislation set out to make U.S. hotel properties accessible for disabled travelers, and touched upon everything in the operational spectrum from comfort animals to emergency equipment. However, the greatest difficulty the legislation imposed involved changes to hotel pool accessibility regarding pool-lift installation.More

Tweeting your way to a successful industry blog
By Katie Dubow
In order for your company to use digital communications to the fullest, you need an industry blog. A company blog allows you to do many things: It's your chance to strut your stuff, show off, discuss industry news and have your voice heard. Your company blog is in your control; there are no character limits and no restrictions as to what you can talk about. But what if your blog is stellar and no one's reading it? One easy way to up your page views is using Twitter. The following are three quick tips to tweet your way to more page views on your blog.More