Travel News Report
Mar. 19, 2014

Perryman: Texas is big and has a big economy
The Monitor
I am often asked just how important Texas is to the U.S. economy. The shortest answer is "very." So in honor of our recent Texas Independence Day, here are some key facts about the Lone Star State's contributions.More

FAA predicts continued growth in air travel through 2034
Successful Meetings
The nation's aviation system will continue to grow over the next two decades, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, which recently published a new forecast predicting an average growth in revenue passenger miles — a standard metric for measuring air travel volume — of 2.8 percent per year from 2014 through 2034. In 2034, the FAA projects, RPMs will be approximately 76 percent higher than they were in 2013. The total number of people flying will increase 0.8 percent in the same period, from 745.5 million in 2014 to 1.15 billion in 2034.More

Airline industry pours millions into new terminals
USA Today
For business travelers, crisscrossing the country or the globe, airport terminals can be akin to a second home. Those beehives where the flying public gets boarding passes, checks bags and waits for flights are also the first and final glimpse a traveler has of a city, a business hub for concessionaires and — depending on the experience — a potentially key factor in whether a passenger boards a jet in a tranquil or testy mood.More

The travel industry is rushing to invest in tablet and smartphone apps
Business Insider
Smartphone- and tablet-based searches for hotel rooms and airline tickets are growing in the double- and triple-digits in major markets. Travel companies have realized they need to invest a great deal more in mobile apps and cloud services, and try to out-innovate their competition on mobile.More

December 2013 US airline systemwide passengers up 6.1 percent from December 2012
U.S. Departement of Transportation
The U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that U.S. airlines carried 62.5 million systemwide (domestic and international) scheduled service passengers in December 2013, 6.1 percent more than in December 2012. The systemwide total was the result of a 6.2 percent increase in the number of domestic passengers (54.3 million) and a 5.9 percent increase in international passengers (8.2 million).More

Certify releases 2014 Business Travel Trends report
Cloud-based travel and expense management software provider Certify has announced the results of its Business Travel Expense Trends report, conducted in February 2014. The survey, which polled hundreds of finance executives and business travelers at companies of all sizes in North America, indicates that business travel is on the rise. A majority of respondents across all company sizes (58 percent) spent more on travel in 2013 compared with 2012. In 2014, nearly half (49 percent) of all respondents say they will spend slightly more on T&E, while 30 percent say they will spend the same.More