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Apr. 15, 2015

Feds to investigate subsidy claims against Gulf airlines
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In response to allegations from the "Big 3" U.S. airlines — American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines — the U.S. Departments of Commerce, State, and Transportation have commenced a review of Emirates, Etihad Airlines, and Qatar Airways, which according to American, United, and Delta receive subsidies from sponsoring governments that impede fair competition in the skies.More

Airlines, airports at loggerheads over raising federal facility tax
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Thrown into legislation likely to tackle the role of drones in aviation and NextGen air traffic control funding, the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC), a tax that funds airport improvements, is not likely to garner many national headlines. But within the industry, two sides are engaged in a heated exchange over whether it should be raised. More

Small businesses exhibit cautious optimism
Odessa American
Small business owners are feeling optimistic about the economy and the health of their companies. Even so, they’re cautious about investing or expanding. American Express has been taking the pulse of small businesses since 2002 (the American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor), surveying a representative sample of owners or managers of companies with fewer than 100 employees.More

US economy still on track for best year since 2005
The U.S. economy should manage growth of 3 percent or more in 2015 despite a poor start to the year, the International Monetary Fund said recently. Official data for the first quarter will be released April 29, and forecasters are marking down their numbers due to weak spending by consumers and businesses. More

Five charts that explain the size of the global travel industry in 2015
The World Travel & Tourism Council, the leading travel and tourism business organization in the world, is great at coming up with big picture numbers on the size of our industry and its growth across all regions. One of its much anticipated reports is its annual "Economic Impact" report which shows the global size of the travel industry and its economic impact on countries in terms of the business and revenues it generates, the number of tourists moving about the globe, the number of jobs it supports, and the resulting GDP contributions in various countries in the world.More

Millennials leading multigenerational travel
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Millennial travelers are growing up, and they are taking their families with them. New research suggests the generational cohort, which thus far has been characterized as individuals seeking unique experiences on their own terms, is even more interested in traveling with family members than preceding generations. More

Are customers abandoning bookings because of your online payment process?
Almost 50 percent of customers abandoned their online travel booking early because of payment-related problems according to new research from Worldpay. Who would have thought the payment process has such a big impact on shoppers? More