Travel News Report
Apr. 24, 2013

US airlines set course to $6 billion in record profits for 2013
In what is typically a money losing quarter for the airline industry, LLC is projecting all major airlines excluding United will report profits this week for the recent first quarter. Based on projections this will be the third consecutive year the industry has set a record for first-quarter revenue. United is the only major airline projected to lose money in the first quarter.More

Delays mount as FAA cuts kick in
Commercial airline flights started backing up and delayed some travelers, a day after air traffic controllers started going on furlough because of government spending cuts. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport had about 15 percent of flights delayed as of 5 p.m. Monday, which is average according to the airport. Some flights were reportedly sitting on the tarmac, waiting up to an hour before being allowed to take off.More

Travel industry backs immigration reform
Successful Meetings
Last week, a bipartisan group of eight senators, known as the "Gang of Eight," introduced their version of comprehensive immigration reform — and the travel industry largely applauded.More

Survey: Foreign travelers say they will avoid US
USA Today
Overseas travelers say they will avoid the United States because of long wait times and inefficient entry procedures at gateway airports — and recommend to others that they too stay away, a new survey of foreign visitors indicates. Forty-three percent of travelers who had traveled to the United States say they will tell other countrymen and women not to visit because of the cumbersome entry process, according to the survey of 1,200 travelers from Britain, France, Germany, Japan, China and Brazil.More

TSA to take more time to examine pocket-knife issue
Travel Weekly
The Transportation Security Administration will delay a policy change that would allow pocket knives on commercial flights. The TSA had planned to let passengers carry knives with blades up to 2.36 inches starting April 25, following a policy change announced March 5 by TSA chief John Pistole.More

8 things small businesses must know about the future of mobile marketing
Fresh Insights
With more than half of all Americans now using smartphones and nearly a quarter of all online activity now coming from mobile devices, we have stumbled into a new age in technology and the future of mobile marketing has unexpectedly shown up at our doors. Is your business equipped to market to the new digital consumer?More