Travel News Report
May. 6, 2015

What travel means to you and me
Denton Record-Chronicle
Travel is ... fun. Making memories. Educational. Adventurous. Relaxing. Enlightening. Refreshing. Perhaps you would fill in the blank with images like a beach. A lake. Mountains. A new culture. A fancy drink adorned with a little umbrella. Beautiful cuisine. Friends and family. Feet propped up and a good book in your lap.More

US economy grew at 0.2 percent rate in first quarter
The New York Times
Repeating an all-too-familiar pattern, the American economy slowed to a crawl in the first quarter of 2015, weighed down by a weaker trade performance, falling business investment and still-cautious consumers. At 0.2 percent, the annualized growth rate last quarter was better than the winter wipeout in the first quarter of 2014, when the economy contracted at a 2.1 percent rate.More

Travel leaders lobby feds on fast track, airport tax
Successful Meetings
The nation's capital was teeming with travel industry leaders as representatives from two industry groups — the U.S. Travel Association and the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) — lobbied federal officials on issues of import to travel and tourism. Recently, eight U.S. Travel Association members attended a meeting at the White House with Obama administration officials to discuss the proposed "Trade Promotion Authority" (TPA) bill currently under consideration in Congress.More

More Chinese airlines are flying to the US than Amercan carriers to China
Planning to fly from Nanjing or Changsha to Los Angeles? Or Beijing to San Jose? Or Wuhan to San Francisco? If so, a Chinese airline has a flight for you — and chances are you'll be traveling in a spiffy new Boeing 777 or 787. This year, for the first time ever, more Chinese airlines will be flying to the U.S. than American carriers will be heading to China, according to CAPA-Center for Aviation.More

The coming fourth revolution in the travel ecosystem
The fourth generation revolution in the travel industry has already started. In 2015, the disruptive forces will join to form a nexus, resonate and shake the whole travel ecosystem, again. This last article in a series of three presents some of the key forces of this transformation and how it could disrupt the existing travel ecosystem.More

Making the most of 'Mobilegeddon'
Hotel News Now
"Mobilegeddon" has come and gone, and hoteliers largely seem unscathed. Google recently announced it was changing its search engine algorithm to measure the mobile friendliness of websites. As of April 21 if a website wasn't ranked as mobile friendly, it dropped in Google search rankings.More

What data from ad views says about mobile search tactics
New research suggests how travelers are interacting with online ads. A top finding: Many companies are leaving money on the table by failing to target smartphone searches for online travel agencies and aggregators. Smartphone travel searches have higher click-through-rates and drive consumers to the relatively lower cost-per-click model used by these third-parties. So smartphone ad campaigns to target these users can be cost-effective. More