Travel News Report
May. 29, 2013

Perry calls special legislative session
The Texas Tribune
With the ink barely dry on the bills passed during the 83rd Legislature's regular session, Gov. Rick Perry called lawmakers back into an immediate special session to consider redistricting measures for the Legislature and the Texans who serve in the U.S. Congress. "We can all be proud of the responsible steps made this session to invest in our citizens, fund water infrastructure, and build an even stronger foundation for the future of our economy and Texas families," Perry said in a written statement.More

Southwest Airlines to become launch customer for the Boeing 737 Max 7
The Dallas Morning News
Southwest Airlines already had placed an order for a bunch of Boeing 737 Max 8 airplanes, the replacement coming in 2017 for the Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft. But it had not placed an order for the next version of the next size down, the Boeing 737 Max 7. That airplane is comparable to the airplane most common in the Southwest fleet, the Boeing 737-700, which itself was a replacement for an earlier generation, the Boeing 737-300.More

Summer air travel prediction: Crowded airports and planes
Los Angeles Times
Airports will be crowded this summer and empty cabin seats extremely rare as Americans take to the skies in numbers that are expected to edge closer to the pre-recession peak. Nearly 209 million people will fly on U.S.-based airlines this summer, up 1 percent from last summer, according to a projection released by the trade group for the nation's airlines.More

The economics of tourism
By Shebby Lee
According to the U.S. Travel Association, America's tourism industry was a $855.4 billion business in 2012, providing 7.7 million direct jobs and $128.8 billion in tax revenue. While the nation as a whole is still registering monthly trade deficits, travel represents a surplus. Yet, despite the data, states around the country are slashing advertising and marketing budgets for tourism, citing the need for schools, health care, etc. The problem is, these legislators do not understand the impact of tourism dollars on their own economy.More

The big 3 legislative issues affecting travel in the US
Earlier in the month on Capitol Hill, the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade held a hearing about how the tourism industry benefits the U.S. economy, and representatives from all across the U.S. travel industry came to testify, including senior execs from Marriott, InterContinental, Enterprise, VisitFlorida and others.More