Travel News Report
Jul. 3, 2013

2.9 million Texans plan Fourth of July travel
AAA Texas issues estimates each year predicting the travel habits of Texans during the Fourth of July holiday period. "AAA Texas forecasts that 2.9 million Texans will be traveling for the Fourth of July weekend — 2.9 million Texans traveling 50 miles or more away from home during the Independence Day holiday."More

Consumer sentiment stays near 6-year high
The Associated Press via USA Today
A measure of U.S. consumer confidence remained near a six-year high in June as higher home prices boosted household wealth. The survey shows Americans are feeling better about the economy, despite wild gyrations in the stock market.More

Senate passes pro-travel immigration bill
Successful Meetings
The U.S. Senate passed its version of immigration reform. Although it faces steep opposition in the House of Representatives, the legislation — known as the "Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act" — has received wide praise from the travel industry, as it includes several measures designed to facilitate legal travel to and within the United States.More

Millennials take new approach to work-life balance
In an average month, 1-in-4 business-traveling millennials travel overnight for business at least once per week, according to the Hilton Garden Inn Discovery and Connection Survey. More than any other age group, millennial business travelers are more likely to add on extra days to their business trip for leisure travel than they were compared to a year ago, and even more likely to if the hotel is offering a discount on additional nights.More

Where Astros played, conventioneers could gather
The Texas Tribune
Nearly five decades after making history as the first indoor sports stadium of its kind, the Astrodome is covered in a layer of dust and spider webs, its entrances lined with trash and leaves, and its once impeccable turf ripped up and dirty. Houston condemned it as uninhabitable in 2009, and it is being used for storage. The city has debated what to do with the Astrodome for years. Some have suggested tearing it down for parking; others have implored the county to repurpose it. This year, a decision may finally be made.More