Travel News Report
Jul. 15, 2015

US travel employment reaches record high
The numbers have been processed and the results are in: the U.S. tourism industry is booming. This conclusion was made based on an analysis by the U.S. Travel Association of the recently released Labor Department employment report and the Commerce Department export report.More

White paper: How technology can improve hotel experience for business travelers
Successful Meetings
Business travelers wanted hotel Wi-Fi. And for the most part, now they have it. That's not the only technology they crave, however. According to a new white paper published by the GBTA Foundation — the research and education arm of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) — there are several other areas in which technology could improve the hotel experience for business travelers.More

U.S. Travel Association calls for lower taxes, infrastructure fixes in FAA reauthorization
Travel Agent Central
117 major travel-related companies and organizations are urging Congressional leaders to cut taxes on air travelers and move to a user-fee model for infrastructure financing as part of the forthcoming Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization, according to a recent announcement by the U.S. Travel Association.More

User-generated content still powerful in travel marketing
Content marketing platform Stackla has pulled together an infographic that highlights how important user-generated content remains in travel marketing. The platform, which of course believes strongly in content marketing since that its product, points to the growth in consumer spending, especially on mobile. The mobile interface offers many opportunities to surface user-generated content in a bid to convert. More

Device habits of travelers
Texting, instant messages and browsing the internet are the three most popular activities performed on a mobile device by travelers when overseas. Data captured via a survey of 4,250 adults in the U.K., Germany and United Arab Emirates by AeroMobile found that online shopping and watching a stream of TV or video were least likely pursuits to be undertaken when on the road. More

How to market to Pinterest's newest users — men
By Emma Fitzpatrick
Pinterest used to be the primary social network for women looking to plan their weddings, find new recipes and attempt ambitious DIY projects. However, Pinterest's user base is slowly beginning to diversify. According to the latest Pew Research, men are the fastest-growing demographic on Pinterest. Capitalize on this early trend before your competitors do. Discover how men use the platform differently than women and three simple ways to market to men on Pinterest.More