Travel News Report
Jul. 29, 2015

The new way for tourism bureaus to measure their effectiveness
Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) launched phase two of its DestinationNEXT research project this month during its annual convention in Austin, providing what it hopes will be a roadmap for the future of destination marketing organizations (DMOs).More

GBTA Foundation annual forecast predicts global business travel spending to hit record high of $1.25 trillion in 2015
Hospitality Net
Despite recent economic turbulence, China business travel will increase by 61 percent over the next 5 years, from $261 billion in 2014 to $420 billion in 2019. That increase is greater than the increases in business travel growth in the next 8 largest countries combined, including the U.S., Germany, India, U.K., Indonesia, France, Turkey and Japan.More

Plunge in consumer confidence exposes risk for US economy
Bloomberg Business
Americans are growing concerned that this is about as good as it gets. Consumer confidence slumped in July by the most in almost four years as households became less upbeat about the outlook for the economy, employment and their finances, figures from the New York-based Conference Board showed recently.More

Why the plunge in oil prices might not send gas prices lower
The Washington Post
Oil is back below $50 per barrel. Which is to say, it's incredibly cheap. Still. Crude is falling again — only months after most economists figured it would stabilize around $65 — because of the same factor that drove it down from even greater heights late last year: Full-on production from the biggest players, particularly Saudi Arabia and the United States, that's led to a major global supply glut.More

The political move to reduce US bag fees to only $4.50
Bloomberg via Skift
Airlines would be allowed to charge you no more than $4.50 to check a bag under a House bill introduced recently, slashing a fee that averages about $25 at most U.S. carriers. The proposed cap in Rep. John Mica's legislation isn't arbitrary. It matches the current passenger facility charge (PFC) assessed on an airline flight and introduces a new wrinkle in the congressional fight over reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration. More

Build trust with your hotel guests in 4 steps
Hotel guests today expect their interactions with brands to be personal and relevant to their interests. In fact according to AgilOne, 70 percent of consumers expect more personalized services from brands.More