Travel News Report
Jul. 30, 2014

How to solve the Texas traffic problem
The Texas Tribune
In the nearly 60 years since the birth of the American interstate system, the federal government has played an increasingly large role in paying for the country's transportation network. What has not grown with the federal government's role is its ability to actually solve our transportation problems.More

US government asks travel industry to help it improve airport arrivals
U.S. airports pale in comparison to several of their international counterparts, and this has an adverse impact on tourism when foreign tourists begin to consider their destination options. With long customs lines and outdated technology, it's easy to understand why a traveler might forgo a trip to the U.S. and save themselves the hassle. The U.S. government has made strides in cutting visa wait times and is now working to make similar improvements in the arrival experience.More

New report gives destinations road map to future of travel
Successful Meetings
The world is changing — and so is travel. To keep destinations on the cutting edge, Destination Marketing Association International has published the first report in a two-part research series on the future of destination marketing organizations. Titled "DestinationNEXT," the research serves as a strategic road map for DMOs, who can use it to navigate 20 top trends identified by DMAI, based on a survey of 327 DMOs from 36 countries.More

Dow gets 4-year extension to lead US Travel
Travel Weekly
Roger Dow, the U.S. Travel Association's president and CEO, has signed a four-year deal to remain at the helm of the organization. His new contract begins on Jan. 1. "The board recognizes that U.S. Travel has evolved into one of the foremost trade associations in Washington, speaking with relevancy to lawmakers, informing and connecting our industry, speaking out in the media, and effectively uniting the segments of travel with one clear voice," said U.S. Travel Chairman Jim Abrahamson.More

What travel brands should know about the changing face of digital China
As China rises to be the largest travel market in the world, brands need to understand how to participate in China's digital media to attract and convert consumers. However, digital tactics used outside China don't always work and may actually inhibit a brand's success. The following are the most important things travel marketers need to know about the three key components of China's digital universe: platforms, communities and content.More

Multigenerational vacations are on the rise in the US
Grandparents love spending time with their grandchildren, and now they're seemingly taking more vacations with them than ever before to create those cherished memories. A AAA survey revealed that 36 percent of respondents plan to take a multigenerational vacation over the next 12 months, which represents an increase of four percentage points compared with 2013.More