Travel News Report
Sep. 3, 2014

Travel habits of Americans: Sixty-three percent of adult Americans have not traveled in last year
Recently, Skift started a new series of consumer surveys on Skift, focusing on the big picture travel habits of Americans, in the U.S. and abroad. The first survey focused on international travel habits of Americans, which remain meager. The second one below focuses on an even more basic question: How often to Americans travel? Turns out, a majority of adult Americans have not traveled at all in the last year, according to this Skift survey.More

US travel and tourism industry provided 7.6 million jobs in 2013
Hotels have seldom been busier, restaurants have wait times, and planes, as we know, are packed. The U.S. travel and tourism industry is rebounding from the recession and is enjoying revived demand from domestic travelers and foreign visitors, which results in more jobs across travel sectors.More

Southwest reveals Listening Center, joining airline push towards real-time comms
Southwest Airlines has joined the ranks of carriers such as Atlanta-based Delta Airlines that have dedicated social media listening outposts. Southwest Airlines stepped it up a notch, moving beyond simply a dedicated social media monitoring and customer service team. The Dallas-based airline has brought in operational data as well, in order to engage both employees and customers in real-time. More

Group demand to drive hotel rates up in 2015, PwC
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Although transient travel has performed very well this year, it's group travel that will set the stage for 2015, according to PwC US, the U.S. firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers, which recently released an updated lodging industry forecast in which it predicts high occupancy and, as a result, high hotel rates.More

How many websites and devices does a consumer use to research travel?
As devices proliferate, the number of touchpoints for travel research increases. Brands such as Expedia are focusing on the cross-device experience, and are delivering research showing that some consumers visit up to 38 sites before booking travel. So how many websites and devices does a consumer use to research travel? In the latest travel advisory report from Webtrends, that number is pegged at 6.5 devices and websites, on average. More