Travel News Report
Sep. 4, 2013

British Airways offers direct flights to Austin
Travel Agent Central
British Airways reports it will be the only airline to offer direct flights from London to Austin, starting in 2014. Starting in early March 2014 with five flights a week before moving to daily flights on May 5, the airline's new Boeing 787 Dreamliner with its three-cabin layout, will serve the route to the Texas capital. More

Government to unfreeze lodging costs for federal travel
The Washington Post
After a year-long freeze, the government will increase its rates for official federal travel starting Oct. 1, even as it continues to cut back employee business trips to save money. The government's standard rate for a night in a hotel will edge up to $83 from the current per diem of $77, the General Services Administration announced. More

US Travel foresees national traffic nightmare
Meetings Focus
If current patterns persist, Labor Day-like traffic will soon plague U.S. highways on the average day of the week, says a report prepared for the U.S. Travel Association. The study looks at highway usage data and growth rates along 16 key interstate corridors nationwide and concludes that without investment and policy changes, average daily car volume will soon surpass that of the notoriously congested first weekend of September.More

The myth and reality of airline mergers and higher fares
Business Travel News
As the U.S. travel industry is on the cusp of another merger between two large legacy airlines, much of the buzz around the travel water cooler is how bad this is going to be for the industry. Again. Remember, the mergers of US Airways-America West, Delta-Northwest and United-Continental also spelled doom and higher prices. But somehow we are still standing here.More

Spam and pointless chatter — why changing the rules for campaigns on Facebook is a bad idea
Facebook has relaxed its rules requiring third party apps to be used by brands wishing to post competitions or promotions to their Facebook page. Hurrah! Cheaper Facebook promotion, especially for travel brands, many of which use Facebook to plug offers or run competitions for fans! Or so you may think. More