Travel News Report
Sep. 9, 2015

The Fed sees a growing US economy
The Associated Press via CBS News
The Federal Reserve's latest look at business conditions nationwide finds that the economy kept expanding during the summer. Housing and auto sales were two bright spots. However, manufacturers were starting to feel pressure from an economic slowdown in China. The oil industry was also being hit by the drop in energy prices. More

Robust growth forecast for China's outbound tourism
China Daily
China, the biggest outbound tourism market, will continue to make rapid strides with trips and overseas consumption, according to a report. This is despite a slowdown in the growth of outbound tourist trips in recent years. The report said the number of Chinese outbound tourist trips reached 109 million last year, up by 11 percent on the previous year and accounting for 9.58 percent of international tourists.More

Survey: Millennials are more interested in solo travel this year
Going it alone is one of the oldest forms of global exploration, so it's no shock that it's still a popular way to travel. But when millennials, America's largest generation, show significantly more interest in solo travel than in previous years — more than all older generations — that's something worth unpacking.More

We're 1 step closer to making in-flight calls
Bloomberg Business
Airlines should be able to decide whether passengers can make phone calls during flights, a committee told U.S. regulators weighing the issue. The Transportation Department's Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protection approved the recommendation, Chuck Ardo, a spokesman for Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who heads the panel, said in an e-mail.More

US gas prices could stay low for the time being
The oil bust has been largely a supply-driven phenomenon. Unlike the last time that oil prices were this low — during the 2008-2009 financial crisis — this past year's price collapse has not been because of destruction in demand, but due to too much supply. Nevertheless, the way the oil markets get out of the current mess and find equilibrium is from both a supply and demand correction. Supply is indeed falling in the United States.More

US performance records past and present
Hotel News Now
With the favorable supply and demand dynamics in the hotel industry, we are breaking new records month after month, according to data from STR, the parent company of Hotel News Now. It’s almost like the steroid era in baseball. In July, which tends to be the strongest month for demand each year, every topline metric hit a new record. Most notably, occupancy topped 65.3 percent for the running 12-month period and the industry surpassed the 5-million-room supply barrier.More

Travel marketers rise and shine — 1 in 6 minutes (awake) spent online
Not strictly speaking travel technology but Internet Advertising Bureau figures are pertinent to the industry as they show amount of time spent online and what people are doing. The IAB and online measurement standards body UKOM say two hours and 51 minutes is the "definitive" time people actively spend online. More